The Reds today acquired SS Jerry Gil from the Arizona Diamondbacks for A+ Sarasota reliever Abe Woody. Woody is a middling prospect who walked too many in A+ ball serving as closer for Sarasota. Gil is a 24 year old weak hitting SS. You can never have enough of them.

5 Responses

  1. Cary

    111 K’s and 18 BBs is not real encouraging

  2. Matt

    86 Major League ABs ZERO walks. he sucks. Anybody who throws this guy a strike is an idiot.

  3. Chad

    I can’t get worked up about this deal. Who cares? Neither of these guys is likely to contribute much to a major league roster.

    However, I agree strongly with Tom’s assertion that defense will be the theme of the offseason. I can just see it coming.

    Which might mean we no longer see EdE in the Reds lineup come Opening Day.

  4. endymion

    Gee-zuz you guys will cry about anything. This trade amounts to a sparrow fart, who the hell cares? Will we just need hip waders or will it require a canoe to navigate the river of tears you will shed when Dunn gets traded away?