I really, really like Bronson Arroyo. But crap like this is getting very tiresome.

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  1. Endymion

    Seems to be a lot of griping over nothing to me. He was asked some questions, he gave his opinion. Big deal, get over it.

  2. greg

    Pining for the days of “the idiots” is like wishing you could go back to high school. You can’t, so you’re better off moving on.

  3. Tom

    Arroyo’s at his peak, so trade him and let him go back east. Doesn’t want to be in Cincinnati? So good-bye!

  4. Dave Massey

    I feel you guys, but seriously, does anyone have any beef with the idea that Boston is a cooler city than Cincinnati? I grew up in Cincy, lived there for 18 years, but cmon, there’s really no contest.

  5. Ken

    Our rotation would take a big hit if we traded BA, and we’re certainly not going to find equal value on the FA market. We’re the beneficiaries of a sweetheart deal with BA for the next two years. We should take advantage of it. He prefers to be in Boston? Not my concern.

  6. Glenn

    I think if you read the article closely, you’ll find that most of the inflamatory remarks in it were made by the writer not by Arroyo. He misses the fans in Boston. That’s a pretty safe subject to stick with. I’m sure if you asked someone like Kearns or Casey the same question they’s say that they missed the fans in Cincy.

  7. GodlyCynic

    Maybe a subtle point being made is that Red Sox fans have more team pride. As he pointed out, Fenway sells out no matter how poorly the team is doing. The Reds were leading the wild card for a couple of months and yet everytime you turned on the tv, you saw empty seats galore.

    And you can’t trade him for not falling in love with the history of the team after one season. This is the era of free agency. I’m willing to bet that 90% or more of all the players honestly could not care less where they were playing. Should we ask Adam Dunn if he would like playing for a Texas team so that he could be close to his family? Uh-oh, he might say yes and then you’d have to trade him too. What about Junior? He hasn’t liked playing here since day one. Maybe Aaron Harang misses the fact that the A’s make the playoffs far more frequently than the Reds? Better not ask him or you might have to trade him as well.

    Maybe half of the team would rather be playing for the Yankees or the Red Sox or any other team that pays more, makes the playoffs nearly every year, and has fans that show up to every single game regardless of performance. For a professional athlete, is it so wrong to want any of those?

  8. ohiobobcat

    I 2nd Al’s comments, I have a good friend in Boston and tix were to be had easy and on the cheap the last month.

    BA was traded during Speing Training, and pedformed to his fullest with the Reds. He’s a competitor and led the NL in IP, even taking the ball on short rest a couple times. He’s locked up for two more years. No worries.

    He’s a very valuable commodity.