Okay, so the League Championship Series matchups are set, and we’re down to the nitty-gritty of the postseason. Tomorrow night, the Oakland Athletics and Detroit Tigers begin the ALCS, with Nate Robertson and Barry Zito on the mound. Wednesday will see the start of the NLCS, with the St. Louis Cardinals (and SP Jeff Weaver???) visiting Shea Stadium and the New York Mets. Old Man Tommy Glavine will start for the Metropolitans.

It’s time for you guys and gals to go on the record. Who is going to win each series, and how many games will it take? Then, take a stab at who is going to win the World Series, as well.

I may tally up the predictions and come up with some kind of prize for the best picks (let me know if you can think of an appropriate prize).

Let’s hear ’em!

3 Responses

  1. acc_44

    NLCS: Mets over Cardinals 4-2
    ALCS: Tigers over A’s 4-1
    WS: Mets over Tigers 4-3

  2. Ken

    NL: Mets 4, Cards 2 (rooting for a sweep, though)
    AL: A’s 4, Tigers 1
    WS: A’s 4, Mets 2

  3. GodlyCynic

    Tigers over the A’s: 4-3
    Mets over Cards: 4-1
    Tigers over Mets: 4-0

    Why bet against the trend of NL futility in the World Series?