For the past two seasons, I’ve owned 5 seats in the Dayton Dragons 17 game pack (Pack C).

The person that had been buying two of the seats has decided to give them up and I was looking for someone to buy the two available seats. The seats are located in section 201, in the top row, seats 3-7.  The seats I’m selling are numbers 6 and 7.

With the 17 game package, you average about 3 games a month on various days. The games are mostly night games starting at 7:00. Next year the Sunday games (in the hot summer months) will be played at night. Other months, Sunday afternoon games start at 2:00. (Sunday is the only normal day game, other than holidays.)

If you are interested, the cost for the entire season is $182.75 per seat. You can also purchase a parking pass at the garage across the street from Fifth Third Field for an additional $50.

I am not looking to sell these seats on a game-by-game basis or to only sell one seat. I am looking for someone to purchase both seats for the entire season.

Total Cost = $365.50 (plus the parking pass, if you wanted the parking pass).

Contact me via email if you are interested.

bill AT redlegnation DOT com