From the Enquirer:

Reds chief executive officer Bob Castellini announced on Wednesday that the organization has hired Thom Brennaman for Reds radio and television broadcasts.

Brennaman signed a four-year contract through the 2010 season.

Thom Brennaman will work alongside his father, Marty Brennaman, for selected radio broadcasts on 700 WLW, and also will sit in the booth for Reds TV broadcasts on FSN Ohio.


Thom Brennaman, 43, is expected to broadcast approximately 90 games for the Reds while continuing to serve as one of Major League Baseball’s lead announcers on the Saturday Game of the Week for national television rightsholder FOX.

The Reds will hire another broadcaster to work Reds games in his absence.

5 Responses

  1. Abner

    Hire Buck Showalter as the extra

    And Marty Loves him! […about as much as the generalmanager of the nationals…]

  2. Jack

    Fox is doing Saturday games from the start of season, 26 in all, plus every Friday is a travel day. There’s 52 games right there. Bringing Thom in is great, both for now and the future. Steve S is a nice guy, just a bit boring. Brantley sounds like a front runner to cover the rest. I’d love to see Tracy Jones, a bit of a wiseguy, but very entertaining. Plus as you know, he played the game.

  3. Glenn

    What is Steve Stewart thinking about right now?

  4. Jack

    Loud and annoying is Furman. The worst of the names I’ve heard mentioned is Alan Cuttler. That would simply not be acceptable. Maybe Tracy is an acquired taste, but I like him. Dry sense of humor, but most comments are done tongue in cheek. You can’t take him too serious, plus Tracy and Marty seem to have a good rapport.

  5. Chad

    I can’t decide which I’d prefer: Tracy Jones broadcasting Reds games, or jabbing a sharp stick in my eye.