I love The Kid, but at some point, the writing has to be on the wall. Griffey needs to move to a corner OF spot. Agree or disagree?

5 Responses

  1. GodlyCynic

    Junior’s just having trouble admitting to himself that he is not the highlight reel centerfielder that he was years ago. The Yankees had the same problem with Bernie Williams (though Williams was never a good outfielder like Junior). At some point, you have to risk hurting his feelings, sit him down, and tell him that he doesn’t really have a choice.

  2. Ken

    I know this sounds simplistic, but why does the decision have to be up to Junior? He’s an employee just like any other player. If Kriv and Narron tell him that he’s going to be in right, what can he really do? Sure, he’ll complain at first, but I’d hope that after a few weeks of grousing he’d be settled in right and that’d be the end of the story.

  3. dfs

    It’s not that he isn’t a highlight reel centerfielder, he isn’t a centerfielder anymore. As much as I admire the new front office, We’ll learn all we need to know about how serious they are by how they handle thie one problem.

  4. GodlyCynic

    A clearly superior defensive centerfielder? Let the Vernon Wells rumors begin!

  5. Glenn

    I’m thinking that after this year, it may be more evident to Jr that he needs to move to RF. He’s still got a decent bat and a very good arm. The legs will be his downfall if he doesn’t come to this realization.