What a wild ride it has been. We’ll have some post-mortems over the coming days and weeks, but for now, feel free to use this thread to reflect on the 2006 season, and all the surprises, excitment, and disappointment that we experienced.

Favorite moment? Least favorite moment? Let’s hear them.

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  1. Brian

    May 11-Junior hits the 3-run homer to beat the Nats at GABP. I remember running around my house jumping up and down, trying to stay quiet because my dad had gone to bed after the bullpen had blown the game for Bronson.
    Dunn’s walk-off slam against the Indians and Freel’s catch off Pujols also come to mind.

  2. Tom

    My season high was tying St.Louis on August 24th. for the NL Central lead, and then the low point was Sept. 1st. after losing seven straight and knowing the race was over. But instead of the usual collapse by Memorial Day, it happened three months later; that’s progress, all things considered. After a busy off-season, hopefully we can make the playoffs in 07.

  3. orangeandbrown

    Hmm. Those were all pretty good. I guess the best time was sometime in July when I started to realize we had as good a shot as anyone. Lowest time was the West Coast trip. A .500 season would have been nice, but 81-81 and 80-82 are essentially the same thing…not good enough.

  4. acc_44

    Friday April 14. I was eating at Union Station in DC, chatting with two older Orioles fans who were recalling the ’70 World Series.

    That night, I watched a 1-0 Harang win at St. Louis over Carpenter. This made me believe that I was watching a whole new ball club and made my season ticket package seem like a great investment.

    I’d like to nominate Valentin’s walk-off. Also, the last home Pirate’s series, I took my dad to his first game at GABP and he was treated to a 14-7 win. It was a great game from the start…but the icing on the cake was after a Jason Bay home run, the ten-year-old that caught it in our section threw it back on the field and the usher brought him a ball and gavethem tickets to a future game.

  5. Glenn

    Dunn is one of those players that can get into a slump and stay there for long periods of time. He takes a lot of good pitches. I think he thinks that he is being selective at the plate and getting deep into the counts. However, if your called out on strikes, as he often is, what good did it do for you to take so many pitches? The whole has team looked tired the last month and a half of the season.

  6. Hugh D. Pohl

    Dunn will be okay. He slumped in the second half but getting rid of him is ridiculous. With his power and OBP, he is valuable even with a low BA. Leave the guy alone. I predict a great season next year- just don’t expect a high BA. Accept him for who he is – a great offensive threat overall.