Narron told McCoy that the loss of Ken Griffey was what put the team in the dumper in September.

Narron, though, says Griffey’s lineup absence contributed mightily to the recent collapse of the Reds’ offense.

“Yeah, it changes everything,” said Narron

I sure didn’t realize it, but the Reds actually went 8-9 without Griffey (who was hurt on Sept. 4.) In the 17 games before and counting the one where he got hurt, they had gone 6-11.

The offense did dip in his absence, though, from a mediocre 4.47 runs per game to an abysmal 3.35. (The earlier strech included two 14-run games just before the West Coast Nightmare. Take those out and the averages are essentially the same – not that I’m saying that’s remotely fair or proper analysis).