It’s an afternoon tilt at Great American Ballpark today, as Bronson Arroyo leads the Reds in search of a few things:

— a win of this series with the Cubs;
— Arroyo’s 15th victory of the season;
— a win in the final home game of the 2006 campaign; and
— pulling the Reds within two games of .500, keeping alive hopes of reaching that mark by season’s end.

Aaron Harang, of course, notched his fifteenth win yesterday, and I’m not sure anyone thought the Reds would have two fifteen game winners this season.

So, anyway, we’re not really in the playoff race any longer, but there are still things to play for. Cheer on the Reds, and discuss the game right here.

8 Responses

  1. Jimmy James

    I really wanted to win this game. Hope the bats wake up.

  2. willie

    Anybody kept track of how many balls Ross has dropped at home this year?

  3. Abner

    hmm. The PH with Clayton works a walk to load the bases. Maybe we should pull Aurilia for Castro here…

  4. Ken

    Al, how much of the SLG difference based solely on Dunn’s lower AVG? ISO (isolated power; SLG – AVG) more fairly shows a hitter’s raw power.

    Back to the game, Coffey Ks Murton, winning the battle of the carrot tops.

  5. Ken

    Holy cow! Jr. with a pinch hit 3 run HR. Reds up 1. I didn’t think we’d see him again this year, let alone like this.

  6. Mark

    How about that return from the dislocated toe? 3 run PH HR 😆 Too bad it was about 10 games too late.

  7. Ken

    Weathers finishes it for the save! It feels like April. Almost.

  8. Ken

    Agree with what you’re saying, Al. I was going to say that a high walk, low AVG hitter like Dunn is disadvantaged with OPS (because it counts AVG twice, but not walks), but when I looked at your original post I realized that Dunn actually has a lower OBP than the group as well. No getting around that this hasn’t been a stellar year by his standards. One problem has been his lack of doubles. He went from 34-35 to 23 this year.

    Unrelated XBH number: the Reds have the lowest # of triples in MLB this year, and it’s not even close. They have 11, next worst (Boston) is 15. Tops is LAD with 53. Even with a small park, I found this surprising given that we have some speed.