Daedalus says Jerry Narron didn’t even try to win today’s game. The evidence seems to support that theory.

This team has transformed from a fairly interesting group of scrappers to an unwatchable disaster, in record time. I don’t care that we’re out of the race (well, I do care about that, of course), but they could at least bust their tails to try to get to .500.

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  1. willie

    Interesting reading all the Dunn bashing on the blogs and listening to the criticism from ESPN broadcasters during Wednesday’s game. ESPN also went to lengths to point out how valuable Griffey was to the line-up and how much his numbers were missed. Decided to do some checking. Averages over the last 5 years (to date):
    Games – 88.2
    Avg. – .263
    Runs – 49.2
    HR – 20.4
    RBI – 54
    BB – 38.4
    OBP – .352

    Games – 149
    Avg. – .243
    Runs – 92.4
    HR – 35.8
    RBI – 84.4
    BB – 106.2
    OBP – .380

    Granted there is the strike out issue and the fielding problems..but considering the 10 year age difference and the salary paid out to the two over the same 5 year period, Dunn has been of much more value offensively and financially. Whatever they have to pay him over the next year or so will still be a comparative bargain to what they’ve paid for Griffey’s contibutions (at less than market value at that).

  2. RedsFanInKS


    I agree with you 100%. Way to hit the nail on the head.