Aaron Harang picked up his 14th win yesterday, and today Bronson Arroyo goes after his 15th win on the season. Arroyo’s road to victory may be more difficult; the Astros will start Roger Clemens in today’s afternoon game.

Every game from this point is important if the Reds hope to reach the .500 mark at season’s end. So ignore your work and discuss the game here.

4 Responses

  1. Jamie

    What’s up with the infield today? Clayton, Castro and Olmedo. Sounds like early Spring Training, except hopefully Clayton will be gone next year.

  2. Jamie

    Anyone know where the Astros found Scott? A 381 average! You gotta be kidding. Well, at least Arroyo limited him to a solo shot.

  3. Glenn

    You would think the Reds would be doing everything in their power to finish the season over .500. This lineup makes no sense.