Chris Michalak takes the hill today in the Windy City against the Cubbies.

Yeah, our playoff hopes have likely been dashed, but I still want the Reds to finish this season with a winning record. The Reds are close now, and they have some games against the Pirates and Cubs remaining; that should help.

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4 Responses

  1. Jeff

    When Michalak was called up he got about three hours sleep, pitched largely on adrenaline, great start. Settled in and started to get hit around, more scouting and other reasons.

    He will clearly be juiced today, hasn’t started for a while, family in attendance, depleted Cubs Septmeber lineup. I’m voting (hoping) for a good start.

    Can’t fault him for a leadoff infield dribbler.

  2. Jeff

    Good point, but he’s only 35, a kid compared to most of our bullpen or all of the Giants.

    Well, he’s down to the 8 slot in the lineup … make that 9th … and not doing real well.

  3. Jeff

    Did not figure Pierre as a good double-play candidate, but can’t get any better than grounder to pitcher with bases loaded. Nice gift. Ramirez again next inning.

  4. Ken

    Reds have two hits, one walk, and no runs through eight. The offense has taken September off, apparently.