Ran across a few names of former Reds recently in the news and transaction columns and thought they might make for some interesting discussion.

Dmitri Young was recently put on waivers and released by the Detroit Tigers. I couldn’t help but think that with Griffey banged up and our offense in the midst of a swoon, that his bat could be an interesting short term pickup for the stretch run. This of course, would be a risky pickup. Dmitri has crossed the path of the law earlier this season and went into rehab afterwards. This article on his release hints that he has not relapsed from his rehab, but that there may be some clubhouse issues to consider in acquiring him. Also, we would have to consider whether he is conditioned enough to play RF, which is where we would need the help from him. He, of course, would not be eligible for the post season roster. Would you take a flyer on him?

Cody Ross, for whom I believe Florida still owes us a PTBNL, smacked three dingers in a game. The first one was off of Dave Williams who pitched that night like he was still with the Reds. I thought Ross was an interesting acquisition at the time and was very disappointed when he was dealt away with the likes of Quinton McCracken still hanging around. I’m hoping Ross plays well enough the rest of the way to earn a starting spot with the Marlins next season.

Also noted that recently traded prospects Dustin Moseley and Travis Chick got September callups with their new clubs, Angels and Mariners respectively. It’ll be interesting to track their progress and see how they pan out.

4 Responses

  1. Glenn

    How did a talent like Cody Ross pass through both the Reds and the Dodgers? I’d sure like to have him on the club rather than Hollingsworth.

  2. Glenn

    Dimitri may have eaten himself out of baseball. He didn’t get the name “hambone” for nothing.

  3. Dan

    Bring Back Dmitri!!! He can’t be as bad a character as his brother, besides I remember his as being a “great teammate” and a decent bat, this team could use both.

  4. RickNmd

    Cody Ross is a tremendous defensive player. He has one of the best outfield arms in baseball. The Reds had to part with him because of a roster crunch with their stupid pitchers, otherwise he would have been a great No. 4 outfielder, a badly needed righthanded bat in place of Dunn against lefties and spelling Griffey. Because of the makeup of the roster that became the one bad move Krivsky has made–acquiring the guy, them having to jettison him for some bum arm.