I know how this feels:

The Reds lose two of three to the Giants, I feel like Pandora’s box was reopened. The Reds win Friday against the Pirates, I feel like the Wild Card is theirs. They lose Saturday, I feel the season is over. They win today, I feel like the Wild Card is within reach.

Then I read this, and I remain pretty happy:

The man in the red shirt with the Cincinnati Reds logo and graying hair stepped off the media elevator and said to a writer, “We’re not dead yet. Quote an owner as saying that. In fact, quote me as saying that.”

And owner Bob Castellini left the building, smiling after his Reds kept the respirator plug inserted with a 4-2 victory Sunday over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Those who believe Adam Dunn is a one-dimensional player, a guy who strikes out too much and hits a long, long home run once in a while and never drives in a meaningful run and should be traded to Tampa Bay for a sailboat to be named later, should have borne witness Sunday in Great American Ball Park.

And those who criticize his base-running acumen needed to pay attention Sunday.

It was pitcher Bronson Arroyo who applied the gloss, a two-run, four-hit, no-walk, seven-strikeout, eight-inning performance, but it was the 6-6, 275-pound Dunn doing the grunt work.

Dunn getting praise in the paper? I can’t believe it.

Either way, I like this Castellini guy.