Okay, I’m not giving up on the Reds, and there is still a chunk of the season left to be played…

…but I know a bunch of people are getting excited about the Bengals’ season, so I thought now would be a good time to discuss some football. Actually, use this open thread to discuss whatever you want, but football is a big topic this time of year. I know we have fans of lots of teams ranging from Ohio State and Virginia (that’s me) in college football to the Bengals and Vikings and everyone in between.

How’s the season going to play out? Will the Bengals win the division again? Will they go further in the playoffs this time around?

If you want to discuss tonight’s NFL opener featuring those hated Steelers, feel free. I’ll be here talking about it, probably.

9 Responses

  1. Jimmy James

    Here’s a couple, though I don’t read them often, so I can’t vouch for them:


  2. nick

    I can’t wait for this weekend’s games. “The hated Steelers” …. heh. As a fellow Miamian, I wish Roethlisberger the best, but I hope the Stealers don’t win a game this year.

    The Bengals have a tough schedule, but with a healthy Palmer I think they’ll be ok.

    I’m also really excited about the OSU-Texas game. I think the Bucks will win.

  3. Chad

    I’m gonna be flipping back and forth between the football game and the James Blake/Roger Federer tennis match at the US Open. Lots of good sports tonight. I’m almost glad I don’t have to struggle with watching the Reds.

  4. Chad

    James Blake is choking on this tennis match.

    And yes, Batch is rotten.

  5. Tom

    I pull for OSU to lose every game except the ‘big one’ against Michigan. It figures because I’m a Buckeye who went to IU.