Lancaster reports that the Reds have traded for Sun Woo Kim (and cash) for a PTBNL, if any remain in the organization. Blah, blah, blah, may start, or may relieve, etc., etc.

They’re going to have to conduct a mini-expansion draft this winter, just to disburse all the PTBNLs they owe.

This organization is exhausting.

5 Responses

  1. Dan Dumoulin

    Somebody called him a “mediocre pitcher”… mediocre??? That is being far too kind to him.. His ML stats are horrible.. I have supported Krivsky all season, but this is getting totally ridiculous. It is beginning to look like every major league GM knows they can at least get something from guys they would release if they call the Reds first. Can’t get David Wells because there was actually a market for him… but we can get the guys nobody else wants. Wow, what a great GM you must be to achieve that.

  2. al

    i agree that kriv is probably going to finish the job he’s started this year once the season is over. i just hope he’s able to bring a little more strategy and organization to the team once he has the offseason to plan things out.

    I’m hoping that much of the desperate grabbing has been due to trying to patch holes along the way, rather than working from a blueprint. right now, it’s hard to know who the reds are any more or what they need.

  3. Yossarian

    You know, Luke Hudson is quitely putting together a decent season over in Kansas City. Considering he’s a Royal and goes up against some pretty good teams I’d say he’s even looked good. I’d gladly take him over Mays, Johnson, Williams, Franklin… etc.,etc.,…. He could have been a 15 game winner in the NL Central this year.

  4. Dan Dumoulin

    Why not go with an Arroyo-Harang-Lohse-Milton four man rotation the rest of the year? You have a 37 man bullpen… they only need to go 5-6 innings each start… if they give up 3 runs or less in those innings, I will take that over Doo Koo Kim (wait…thats the dude Boom Boom Mancini killed in the ring…) or whoever the “Castoff of the Day” is.

  5. Tom

    Bronson pitched a gem tonight with 4 days rest. With less than 4 weeks to go and 3 off days, just go with a 4 man rotation and let these other cast-off pitchers do an inning of relief now and then.