I hope he’s right:

In nine games, the Cincinnati Reds went from a virtual tie for first place in the National League’s Central Division and the wild card lead to six games behind the Cardinals in the Central and trailing the wild card by 2½ games.

They did by losing eight of those nine games to San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego on the road.

“It wasn’t very good, but I think we’re still breathing,” Reds manager Jerry Narron said.

On Monday, Narron told the media members gathered around his desk that the road trip produced good pitching but poor run production from his team (9-for-80 with runners in scoring position) and more reason to believe the teams they played are in the best parts of their seasons.

“I have not seen this club play tight, I have not seen them press,” Narron said. “I’ve just seen us get beat, I’ve seen teams play better than us.” …

“I believe we can get back on a roll,” Narron said. “We just need to do it real quick.”


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  1. al

    i’m with you DA, i was hesitant to bring it up, but i think this team genuinely plays better without him, for whatever reason. I’m ready to see freel making grabs out there, and a lineup that doesn’t have a below average hitter in the middle.