Last night in Chattanooga, Homer Bailey was sent to the showers without recording an out. Bailey’s ERA jumped to 1.59 since being promoted to Chattanooga. This may be the time to shut him down for the season.

Bailey gave up 3 H and 4 ER.

  • Chris Walker singles on a ground ball to shortstop Paul Janish.
  • With Miguel Negron batting, wild pitch by Homer Bailey, Chris Walker to 2nd.
  • Miguel Negron walks.
  • Scott Moore singles on a line drive to right fielder Javon Moran. Chris Walker to 3rd. Miguel Negron to 2nd.
  • Jake Fox walks. Chris Walker scores. Miguel Negron to 3rd. Scott Moore to 2nd.
  • Brandon Sing walks. Miguel Negron scores. Scott Moore to 3rd. Jake Fox to 2nd.
  • Aron Weston singles on a ground ball to second baseman Anderson Machado. Scott Moore scores. Jake Fox to 3rd. Brandon Sing to 2nd.
  • Richard Lewis walks. Jake Fox scores. Brandon Sing to 3rd. Aron Weston to 2nd.
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    1. John R.

      Chattanooga: “Cincinnati, we have a problem. Initiate shutdown sequence.