So I went to last night’s game.  Six hours round-trip in the train, an hour walk from downtown to the Stadium, and I’m left with the feeling (wrong, of course, but real) that I put forth more effort than the Reds.

 Some notes, after the break:

– Dodger Stadium is very cool.  It’s old (built in ’62), but in very, very good condition.  There are TONS of food options and stands (they run through all of them on the DodgerVision before the game, and it takes about 2 minutes).  Dodger Dogs really are as good as you’ve heard.  I had two.  Fantastic.  (I’ll post some pics from the game later).

– My seats looked good on paper, but were pretty lousy.  Second-to-last row of the lower deck down in the LF corner.  It wasn’t far away from the action, but was under the overhang, so I couldn’t see the big screen, the scoreboard, or the flight of any ball hit in the air.  Dodger crowds are legendary for late arrivals, which meant that I could move down behind the foul pole, but also that the “no-shows” eventually “showed,” and I had to keep bouncing around.  Eventually, I just walked around and watched the game from the concourse.

– Dodger Stadium is very segregated.  Each level of the stadium has a separate entrance, so there’s no moving down for a better seat, or even walking around to explore.  The upside is that since everybody in the field level has a field level ticket, the ushers don’t hassle you about what seat your’re in.

– My ticket got me free access to all but the $200 seats during batting practice, which was cool.  Saw the tail-end of Dunn’s session, but he hit some tremendous blasts.

Now, to the game:

– I’m utterly exhausted by this team – and right when they’re coming to town.  I have tix for Saturday, and typically attend at least 2 of the 3 games, but not this year.  I just don’t have the energy.  Tuesday night plus yesterday just did me it.  I probably devoted 15 hours to the Reds over the past 36 hours, and got ZIP in return.

– LaRue is horrific.  I have no clue how Freel was charged with an error on that play at the plate.  LaRue simply failed to catch two separate throws home in the first what – 3 innings?  AND he just dropped the ball coming out of his glove on Furcal(?)’s steal.  All his career, LaRue’s been an offense-centric catcher, with a good arm but terrible catching skills.  Now, the guy can’t hit, so he’s been annointed a defensive specialist? 

– Clayton is awful.  No range, and no offensive ability.  Yeah, he got a hit, but it was yet another blooper over the second baseman. 

– Dunn was lazy again.  Furcal hit a single in the 1st.  Dunn screwed around picking it up, flubbed it a little, and was surprised when Furcal kept hustling.  Somehow no error on the play.

– Maddux took the Reds to school.  First, an RBI single (boo, Harang), a successful squeeze, and great fielding.  He’s awesome.

– Clayton is very concerned with looking cool.  As he was coming off the field after BP, some kid asked him if the team was tired after Tuesday night’s marathon.  You could actually see the wheels turning as Clayton pondered, “what would a Cool Guy’s say to that…”  After a pause, he said, “Naaaahhhhh, we never get tired.”  Small thing, but telling.  Especially that little pause.

– Encarnacion played well, which was encouraging.  He was carrying this team even more than we knew. 

– Narron has to bear some of the blame for this team’s incredible lack of focus and inability to execute.  It’s not even that the pressure seems to be getting to them – it’s that they’re not even in the ballpark, mentally.

6 Responses

  1. Chad

    Can’t wait for the pictures, Chris.

    I just got back from New York, and I had tickets to Tuesday’s Yankees/Tigers game that was rained out. I got to see Monument Park and snapped a few pics, but no game, so I was sad.

    Yankees fans have it so easy, though. Reds fans have real problems to worry about. Yankee fans are complaining because A-Rod isn’t good enough. I wish we had such problems.

  2. Chad

    Coming home from NY last night (last leg of our flight was cancelled because of weather, and we ended up renting a car and driving), I listened to the entire game. Marty mentioned several times that the team was showing “no fire.”

    Haven’t gotten to watch the team in the last week, but what a time of year for something like that to be true. They should be showing more fire than ever before.

  3. Cary

    Brandon Phillips was almost brought to tears when he hit into a double play in Tuesday’s game. Yea, this losing streak is from lack of effort. 🙄

  4. Cary

    28 games left, its going to take 17-11 at a minimum, 18-10 would be better yet, and 20-8 should win the division. So, these three games do not a season make, but I think a series win would go far to get the bus turned around.

  5. Ken

    Last night’s Phl-Was game made me feel a little better about the Kearns-Lopez trade: Felipe drives in two with two outs in the 9th to tie it, DC goes on to win in extras! Hopefully other ex-Reds can pitch in. Rick White blowing a game for the Phillies would be a start.

  6. BigRedsFanInTN

    Lack of intensity. Lack of desire. Lack of determination. Those are just some of the winning elements that the Reds have lacked as of late.

    San Francisco was just pathetic! Way too many runners stranded, and way to many swings at horrible pitches. Just pathetic!

    In L.A the club showed some fight but just didn’t deliver the k.o. I wonder if the LA night life got the better of some of em? They just didn’t seem to want it , with so many blown opportunities at hand.

    Chris Welsh always comments on the “streakyness” of this ball club. True as a die hard Reds fan, I’ve seen it all year long. We hit the ball likew it’s a freaking pinata then all of a sudden production ceases. This is not the time to be “streaky”. This is the wire… the time that you need consistency. The veteran Jr. seems to get this, he has been the one stable player on the squad during this west coast slide.

    And for those that have singled Adam Dunn out for his lack of intensity, he is not alone. He has been the most obvious during this road trip, but he is not alone. Besides the fore mentioned Jr and Ryan Freel and at times Edwin the team has looked like a scene out of your most popular of zombie movies.

    I hope the Reds can turn it around, because now it is WIN or DIE!

    Atleast us Ohio native sports fans have one thing to be excited about. Buckeye football kicksoff Saturday… and that is the #1 Ohio team that hasn’t let us down! (since Jim Tressel)

    Lets Go Reds!