Billings 9, Ogden 7

22 year-old Danny Dorn (Reds #32 – 2006) went 2 for 5 with a grand slam and 5 RBI.  The left fielder from Cal State-Fullerton is now hitting .340/.445/.555


South Bend 1, Dayton 0 Game 1

South Bend 2, Dayton 1 Game 2

21 year-old Sean Watson (Reds #2 – 2006) continues to struggle since his promotion to Dayton.  He gave up a H, and an ER, while striking out 1 in I IP.  In the 11.2 innings since his promotion he has given up 13 ER, 19 H, 5 BB while striking out 13.   But the scouts say he has a pitchers body, so he has that going for him.


Sarasota 9, Tampa 1

25 year-old Jay Garthwaite (D’Backs #14 – 2002) went 2 for 4 with a 2B, grand slam and 6 RBI.  For the season, the Washington state native is hitting .262/.335/.480. 


Carolina 7, Chattanooga 4

23 year-old Javon Moran (Phillies #5 – 2003) went 4 for 5 with 2 2B and a 3B.  Since being promoted Moran is hitting .325/.359/.411.  He has 14 SB in 21 attempts.  Javon has fastguyitis, the symptoms including being afraid to take a walk, being thrown out stealing so many times that you actually HURT your team, and repeated bunting despite playing at a level where that is an out 80% of the time.  Side effects include triples, people who think you are good on defense just becuase you are fast, and Dusty Baker saying “if I had 9 guys with fastguyitis, we would be unstoppable.”


Norfolk 10, Louisville 0

27 year-old Tim Bausher (Mariners #27 – 2001) who was acquired this week for Mike Burns, went 2 innings, gave up 6 H, and 3 ER.  Wayne Krivsky continues to feed his OCD with another arm that looks EXACTLY like the arm he traded.   FOR THE SEASON Bausher has a 5.15 ERA with 41 K, 37 BB, and 83 H in 71.2 IP.   But the scouts say he has a good high pitchers butt.


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  1. Jam

    fastguyitis and its definition is funny-as-* and dead on. very nice.