1530 HOMER’s Lance McAlister is reporting that the Reds plan to hire current Phoenix broadcaster Thom Brennaman as their second man in the radio booth.


– I like Thom, and think he does a very good job.

– But I don’t see what he adds. His style is different than his dad’s (a little less spicy), but I’m really not sure what having the both of them in there accomplishes for the listener. There’s no need to hire an ex-player just to have an ex-player, but there are some who do a very nice job, and bring a valuable perspective.

– My understanding was that Thom makes really good money in Phoenix, so Castellini must be prepared to open the checkbook.

– This is certainly the “least bad” option I’ve heard discussed (Dan Hoard doesn’t excite me at all, and Tracy Jones would make me break my radio).

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  1. greg

    They’ll swap innings, Marty will retire in three years (or so) and they’ll have their announcer for the next 20 years.

  2. JinAZ

    I live in Phoenix and see Thom regularly on Diamondbacks broadcasts. He’s always the consummate pro and has great energy, which is undoubtably why he routinely does playoff games each year. He has that ability to make every player sound like a stud, and every play sound exciting. But I think he’s a bit more relaxed on local broadcasts. If that’s really their plan — and this strikes me as one of those rumors that might be unlikely to happen — Thom would be an incredible addition and would go a long way to making the Reds feel like a more legitimate organization. -j

  3. Bobby

    I agree with this being the least bad option, has anyone considered putting Tom Browning in there?

  4. Steve

    Al Leiter!? The SAME Al Leiter who kept our beloved Redlegs from the ’99 playoffs!? I think not!

    Old grudges die hard. 😉

  5. GodlyCynic

    Matt Vasgersian is great. It’s nice to see him having come far since his video game and XFL-only days.

    Joe Morgan never came off particularly well as a player. He’s typically uninformed, heavily biased, and unwilling to listen to others opinions (like Joe Theismann). Some of his rants, such as the “steroids have made baseball a racist sport because there aren’t enough speedy black players anymore,” make him sound crazy and borderline senile. The fact that Jon Miller can pull off a listen-able game alongside him is only testament to how good Miller is at his job.

  6. greg

    Can we agree that Chris Berman shouldn’t be allowed in a broadcasting booth?

  7. greg

    Marty’s enough of a sourpuss that it wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted to retire at 70 and play golf full-time in Florida.

  8. Steve

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned Welsh? He’s obviously acknowledged on this board as a darn good color guy, he’s local, a former Red pitcher, AND a homer. Sound familiar? (well, maybe not the good color guy part!)

    Either way, why can’t he be what Joe was (at least a fraction anyway) for the next 25 years, assuming the Reds would pay him what he’s asking for compared to the FSN gig?

    Then, down the road when Marty calls it a day, bring in Thom for play by play….alright, I’m probably dreaming, but that’s sounds alright by me.

    AND, I don’t care IF Joe Morgan’s senile and/or crazy (probably). He’s a god in my book. One thing’s for sure, he’ll keep it interesting every night (not a knock on Steve – that’s pretty much the ONLY thing he doesn’t do well).

  9. Narron basher

    Hey greg, I’m sorry Marty is such a “sour-puss” for you to handle. He is just a hall of famer and one of the best there is in the business. Sourpuss, who even says that?

    By the way, Marty and Tom would be great!

  10. GodlyCynic

    As a guy living far too far away to listen to Marty anymore anyway, don’t take Chris away from me on tv. His awkward silence after George Grande says something insane is priceless every night.

  11. greg

    Narron basher:

    I’m the biggest Marty fan around. But the guy isn’t exactly, um, positive.

  12. GodlyCynic

    Marty has been an often unpleasant and morose announcer for years. The only time he sounded happy was when he and Joe were swapping stories about old friends they went out to dinner with. I’m not saying that I want a local announcer to be a cheerleader, but sometimes listening to Marty is more depressing than any game by itself could be.

  13. Narron basher

    I simply cannot believe you guys are bad mouthing Morgan. You are the first I have ever heard do that. You’re insane, or you just don’t get it. He has insight so many others don’t.
    And you guys like people like Chris Welsh, and the idiots from Brewers telecasts….unbelievable.

    I had been gone for a while, and I know you all have been too good to respond to anything I ever blog anyway, so see you cyber-nerds…never. Seacrest Out!

  14. BigRedsFanInTN

    It’s this simple… Thom Brennaman loves Cincinnati (The Nati as he calls it) as much as his Dad, and I could think of noone better for the job. He’s great to listen to, but I thought he was doing Fox National broadcasts. (I saw him call the Reds-Braves series in Cinci where they displayed both him and Marty on split screen, Marty was the good looking one! He belongs calling for the Reds! Castellini a Nati Native knows this.

  15. Narron basher

    Hey Chrissy,
    Just back to say, big surprise you and other cyber-nerds feel the same. I meant I had never heard people who knew baseball put down Morgan.

  16. A

    It is not going to happen, but the perfect reds color man would be Pete.