Here’s an open thread to discuss anything you want, about the Reds or anything. Please feel free to use the thread to cheer on the Mets against the hated Cardinals so that the Reds can remain just a game back. Right now, it’s looking good, but the Cards have Pujols, so anything’s possible.

What’s on your mind, around baseball or otherwise? Any suggestions for Redleg Nation? Let’s hear it.

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  1. Chad

    Makes today’s winnable game versus the ‘Stros that much more disappointing. We could have been tied for first place.

    Oh well, I didn’t really expect to win today, and I’m very happy with taking two out of three from Houston. Gotta keep winning series.

    I’m scared about this upcoming West Coast swing, though.

  2. Narron basher

    Any one else think maybe we should make a run at David Wells? I loved him when he was here, and he would be great for the run here at the end of the year. And I would feel a lot better with him out there than any other number 5 starter we’ve had all year!!!
    (In case you haven’t heard, he cleared waivers and Buster Olney is saying teams are inquiring about him)

  3. Narron basher

    That game today was a heart breaker, but like you, I thought Oswalt would beat us.
    I hand it to Coffey though, that ump sucked it today!!!

  4. Narron basher

    I just want to know what are the chances Narron will make a t least a few good decisions before the seasons over??? Actually your question is much harder, the answer to mine is somewhere between, slim and none!!!!

  5. Chad

    By the way, anyone want to help design a logo for a t-shirt?

  6. Ken

    Mulder looked bad, in command and velocity. They were saying on the broadcast that he probably needs to have surgery on his shoulder and shut down this year. His rest from being on the DL didn’t seem to do him much good. Even with a gimpy Mulder, that rotation is Carpenter and four bums, none of them with a sub-5 ERA this year.

  7. Ken

    Chris, thanks for the probability flashback. I couldn’t tell you how to calculate that, but just by writing it out I figure that the chances of winning 3 or 4 games out of 4 is 5/16 (31%). Not sure if you can extrapolate that for 15 out of 20.

  8. Chad

    Padres are beating Brad Penny and the Dodgers right now. Not good.

    Can you believe we’re almost to September, and we’re watching the out-of-town scoreboard?

  9. Chad

    Wow, Penny just got ejected, and I think he’s going to strangle the umpire. I wish he were a Red.

    These umpires are idiots. They’re making things worse.

  10. Chadrack

    Some bad news. Dave Williams is pitching Thursday for the the Mets (against the Cards). So we BETTER win tomorrow or we’re gonna be two games back.

  11. abner

    Chad – is that a Red’s related shirt? If so I’d be interested in designing something for it.

  12. Chad

    Hilarious, SchrockStar. Can we use that?

    And abner, yes, we’re looking to design a Redleg Nation t-shirt.

  13. Dave Massey


    In terms of ideas for the site, I’d love to have an attendance tracker, where it keeps track of yearly attendance. Plus, you could check it out after the game to see if the Cincinnati faithful FINALLY get around to going to the ballpark.

  14. Abner


    I’ll email you directly re: the shirt.