Get excited, Reds fans: one game behind St. Louis (thank you, Carlos Beltran), and two games up in the Wild Card race.

Thirty-six games remaining in this season. I believe!

Do you?

4 Responses

  1. Ty

    I believe!!! i honestly think, that with Kyle Lohse improving, and becoming an excelent 3rd or 4th starter, the reds not only have a shot at the playoffs, but a shot to win a few games. There is no doubt the reds can score runs, and if the pitching stays the way it has looked in the past week, the reds can play with anyone. And I mean anyone.

  2. Glenn

    There’s a tough west coast road trip ahead on the schedule.

  3. Nick

    The west coast trip has me a little nervous, but I’m really excited. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we keep winning.