From the Enquirer:

Homer Bailey has thrown 137 2/3 innings this season, and that’s about as many as the Reds had planned for him.

But there are no plans to shut him down.

“He’s going to pitch through the playoffs,” Krivsky said.

Any chance he’ll be up with the Reds in the September?

“I don’t know,” Krivsky said. “I’m not ready to say yes or no.”

But it’s probably a long shot.

Jason Standridge and Gary Majewski, currently in the DL, should be healthy and pitching by Sept. 1. Krivsky said Grant Balfour, on the DL all season, could possibly pitch in September as well.

This is the first time I haven’t heard Krivsky give a resounding “no” about Bailey coming up this year. I’m also a little concerned about them letting him pitch through the playoffs after saying they were going to watch his innings. I might be being a little overly concerned, but with the Reds history with pitching prospects I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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  1. David

    I live in Chattanooga and have seen Homer’s last 2 home starts (he should go tonight in Birmingham & Monday in Chatt.)

    One thing very impressive is that he changes speed on the fastball, and his motion looks the same whether it’s 88 or 94 or 96.

    It’s also something to watch his warm-up routine. Before going to the pen, he long tosses with the catcher in right field from about 175-200 feet, using his pitching windup. Just watching that, you can see he has a special talent.