Boy, that came out of nowhere. That’s what I love about this team; they keep scratching and clawing until the last out has been recorded…even in a game like tonight where it looked like they were asleep for seven innings.


4 Responses

  1. Dan Dumoulin

    If there is a God, we will play the CrySox in the Series and destroy them.. I never liked Guillen as a player… he is a wart on the face of the game as a manager… the White Sox ownership has got to be just waiting for any slip in performance to dump this clown.. unfortunately, as long as he wins they can’t do anything…yet

  2. Chris

    What a great game. I got that feeling of too many missed chances. But Rich hits a BIG BLAST…..GOING GOING GONE…….

  3. Ken

    Per Elias, the Reds have won five games this year when trailing by 3 or more in the 8th or later – the most in the majors. It’s been a wild ride so far.

  4. Nick

    I finally got to listen to some of the game last night. I was in the car and at night we can pick up 700 (about 30 miles west of Richmond, VA). I got in the car at the start of the bottom of the 8th. Perfect timing.

    I haven’t heard Marty make a call like that in a while. In the span of the Aurilia and Ross at bats I got a great home run call and then the “he couldn’t have hit that pitch with an ironing board” comment. Good stuff.