Shawn has a review of Charles Euchner’s “Little League, Big Dreams,” in which he gives the book a thumbs-up. As I noted before, I’m reading the book now, and I’ll have a review soon.

So far, it’s very, very good…especially if you are like me (and a bunch of people in Saturday’s game thread) and are actually involved in youth baseball in some capacity.

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  1. Matt

    “Euchner succeeds at presenting the impressive intensity of 12-year-old athletes while also showing the sad fact that young pitchers who could be Major League stars “never make it because they blow their arms out in Little League”

    My son plays on a competive youth team here in Cincinnati. In Cincinnati Little League isn’t that popular most of the better players play in AABC. In our league here in Cincinnati, the league has a MANDATORY pitch limit. These leagues that let 12 year olds throw 100’s of pitches should be sued for ruining these kids arms.