According to Lance McAlister.

Says the Reds won’t be renewing Stewart’s contract….no word on a replacement.

UPDATE (by Chad): Here’s the official word, and here’s Marc Lancaster’s take. I agree with Jeff; the Bad Boy never had a chance:

Steve Stewart will tell you that broadcasting Reds baseball was his “dream job”. He’ll do so despite the many personal and professional obstacles he encountered shortly after accepting the position.

Not only was Stewart replacing a living legend in Joe Nuxhall, he was also dealing with a divorce and having to juggle difficult family matters along with trying to fit in alongside Hall of Famer Marty Brennaman in one of the most heralded chairs in baseball broadcasting. …

Under the circumstances, Stewart did a marvelous job. He never really replaced Nuxhall who was called back to broadcast Reds games on a rotating basis. But, Stewart never complained. He continually deferred to Nuxhall’s schedule, the two working alongside one another on several occasions.

Stewart is one of the truest gentleman I’ve encountered during my time covering the Reds. I sincerely hope that the opportunity afforded him by the Reds is just one of many he’ll earn in his broadcasting career.

Stewart deserves more than a wink, a smile and a wave goodbye. He deserves our respect.

Go read the entire post.

If you had asked me at the end of Stewart’s first year in the booth, I would have had no problem getting rid of the guy. Over the last year or so, however, he’s really grown into the job, gotten more comfortable, and become a better broadcaster.

This is just my opinion (the rest of the RN gang should feel free to chime in), but I think this is garbage. I’m going to miss the Bad Boy.

Now, since the job is open, I have two suggestions. The Reds need to hire either Chris Welsh or me to replace Stewart. Welsh would be great and, hey, I have a good bit of sportscasting experience. Plus, imagine the headlines the Reds would be making by hiring me and fulfilling a lifelong dream. They’d be putting a real, hardcore fan in the booth; it would be a great story.

Contact me as soon as possible to set up an interview, guys.

Update II: (By Bill):

The Enquirer has a large article on this today. For right now, Stewart is saying all the right things about Marty and Joe. It would not surprise me if later on, after the season is over, word begins to come out that he felt undercut by bringing Joe back into the booth, etc.

Update III: (By Bill):

The Enquirer is running a story this morning (8/21) about how Marty went to bat for Stewart, etc.

15 Responses

  1. Ethan Hahn

    I like Steve, though I agree with Shawn that he brought the worst out of Marty…hadn’t thought of it like that before, but I’ve liked Marty less this year than in years past, and yeah, Joe was more of a partner, Steve more of a padewan…

  2. Ken

    It’s going to be tough to find someone who can truly be a partner with Marty. I like Marty as much as the next guy, but at this point in his career he’s not easy to work with. Unless the new guy has a super-sized reputation (either as a player or broadcaster), there will be tension in the booth unless he’s just Mart’s yes-man. Which would be no fun.

  3. Ethan Hahn

    If I remember your interview (which rocked, by the way), the kids were also the reason he had to keep working – college costs and such…but yeah, it would be tough being gone so much of the summer…

  4. colleen

    I feel bad for Steve. I love Marty as much as the next person, but he is hard to work with. It’s too bad that he wasn’t accepted and I don’t think anyone can do a better job.

  5. Glenn

    I hope you’re wrong about Merker. Age and injury are against him but he’s still a very good situational pitcher. If you need to get one guy out, He’s been pretty reliable. Plus he’s a petty good guy to have in the clubhouse.

  6. Glenn

    I thought Stewart was doing a pretty good job. I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m thinking the Reds already have someone in mind and talks have already started with the eventual replacement.

  7. EricTW

    I will say this. I like Steve, and must say that he grew on me over the course of the last couple years…

    But, Steve was absolutely horrible at calling a game. Say what you want about Marty, but he sure as heck can make me feel like I’m actually at the ballpark watch. I like Steve as a color guy, and in a situation where he doesn’t have to be the play-by-play guy, he could be serviceable, but he was pretty bad when he was calling the game.

    Second, listening to game with Steve and Joe was like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. It just make a uncomfortable…like both were forcing it.

    I wish all of the luck to Steve, and I was growing to like him in any inning besides the 3rd, 4th, and 7th. This was the right move.

    I think Chris Welsh is the perfect choice, if he’s interested in the job.


  8. Narron basher

    Marty is the best, I love to listen to him, unfortunately for the last 4 yrs. I’ve lived in Illinois and had to put up with Cards and Cub crap.
    I will say this though, when I was around home and got to listen, I did not enjoy Steve, he was bland, and all the other things i hate about other broadcasters I have to listen to during MLB extra-innings games.
    I’d love to get Marty and his boy in the booth together!!! Better yet, put Tracy Jones in there and we could really get some words flyin’! They might yell at the players and each other as much as I yell at my TV!!!

  9. Steve

    Bullcrap. Jim’s right. We need an ex-player (and not Tracy Jones, though he was actually my favorite Red in the mid-80s, but the fact is – he’s just not good enough. Welsh is the best choice off the top of my head (since Pete can’t do it). He’s insightful, intelligent, and not afraid to throw out criticism when it’s warranted.

    And even more important, he’s a former player and a hometown boy on top of it.

    Jim’s right: Marty needs a former player as a foil. THAT’S what Reds fans are used to with Marty and Joe.

  10. Steve

    Oh yeah, and, actually, Steve really grew on me, too. And though I like him a lot, he’s really not the right fit with Marty.

    But, duh, how come they didn’t know that 3 years ago? Who ever realistically thought that the Bad Boy could even come close to filling Joe’s shoes? As much as I like Stewart, it was a dumb decision from day 1.

    He’s the kind of guy that should have been replacing MARTY when HE retired. NOT JOE. How obvious!

  11. EricTW

    What about Browning? Didn’t I hear he was interested last time?

    I went to the 1990 WS reunion this winter, and he was a lot of fun there. It would be interesting to see how he’d pair with Marty.

  12. Steve

    Eric, I’d definitely take that. Though, I’d be surprised with Browning’s lack of broadcast experience.

    Then again, look at Nuxie……so Brownie’d probably be a perfect fit!

  13. VJoshuaV

    Steve Stewart is as exciting as watching paint dry. I couldn’t even listen to Joe & Steve last week and I love Joe Nuxhall.

    Tracy Jones I think would be great with Marty in the booth! I always enjoy Brennaman & Jones in the morning. Plus Tracy has a lot of stories to tell & good knowledge of the game. I don’t think he’s anything like Furman…..I can’t stand Furman.

    I’m also game for Browning in the booth, I think he could get it done. I think the city of Cincinnati would embrace any ex-Reds player in the booth.

  14. Dick Downing

    I thought Steve Stewart did fine. If I had my way I would get rid of Marty. Marty is intelligent, articulate, and thoroughly knows the game. But, he is a smart-alecky. It is one thing to be disappointed when things go wrong. But, Marty gives the impression that players try to strike out, give up homeruns, make errors, etc. It is obvious that he never played the game. I have followed the Reds since Waite Hoyt. Waite was not a cheerleader, but at least he always supported the Reds. Sometimes it’s hard to tell which side Marty is on.

  15. Sparky

    Thank god he is gone. Anyone of his statue that has to find a date from the internet couldn’t be much.