According to Marc Lancaster:

ST. LOUIS — The Reds have acquired left-hander Scott Schoeneweis from Toronto for a player to be named or cash.

I think this is 7 lefthanders this team has on the active roster now. How many do you need? And his ERA is 6.51 and his WHIP is 1.45? What’s the point in getting this guy?

Is Krivsky a “trading addict”? Does he not have the ability to say, “No, thanks, I’ll pass.”

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  1. Gage

    I’m starting to have a real hard time keeping up with the names in the bullpen. Jeeze.

  2. Blue

    “How many do you need?”

    Is there a reason why its bad to have more than 2 or 3 lefties in the pen? It seems like the best combination in the bullpen would be to have a closer, then an equal number of righties and lefties.

    Or is the problem that we have too many LOOGY guys?

  3. Brandon

    there are several games that it seems like the old bullpen would have blown in the blink of an eye but some combination out of the pen has kept the lead when another pitcher got in trouble.
    and having a good number of lefties IS good but not too many, most of today’s power hitters are left handed and tear apart righties, but i think it should be 4-4…not 5 lefties 3 righties but w/e works i guess

  4. Brandon

    that’s also the reason i think one of the lefties (looks like michalak) should get a shot at the spot in the rotation that EZ left, that way it’ll even out the R/L split in the pen a little more

  5. Yossarian

    I think we should only be worried when Wayne acquires Danny Graves….

  6. Brandon

    Right- coffey franklin weathers
    Left – bray guardado cormier shack schoeneweis (how the hell do u pronounce that)
    obviously they won’t do anything with *new guy* until/if he gets battered around, so the only lefty they even have the choice to send down is shack (no way would they demote brayski) but if they sent shack down and brought standridge back up, his role (righty for long relief) has been taken by franklin
    if anybody has R/L stats on each of these pitchers it might give a better idea of why there ARE so many lefties because i sure havent seen a lefty-lefty matchup come up during a game 5 times

  7. Brandon

    also…i’ve given some thought to the aurilia everyday at short idea, and as great as it sounds the only thing that worries me is the bench, how confident are u in the ninth down a run with the bases loaded and 2 outs (or any other big situation) and your options are larue valentin hole-in-his-batworth clayton and castro……i’d MUCH rather see aurilia come to plate in a pinch hit situation right there even though castro has been hitting the ball long will that last

  8. Glenn

    I’m not sure how this helps us. Someone “splain”.

  9. Brandon

    Not exactly Bill, but I AM saying in a game changing situation I’d much rather see Aurilia, and if Castro is hittin 8th he won’t bring down the offense and he is a great defender, nobody can deny that. But he’s hitting the ball well, over .300 I know, as long as that lasts and who knows how long that could be, maybe not very long, I think he at least deserves a share of the time at short with Rich, then when Castro is in the Reds have a threat off the bench, Clayton can just chill in the dugout for the rest of the season for all I care, I’d rather see Milton pinch hit, at least that philosophy is 1-1.

  10. Brandon

    Glenn you won’t get an answer…nobody knows

  11. Brandon

    I forgot a roster move will have to be made for Schoeneweis to be placed on the 25 man roster, I think it’ll obviously be Shack making it 4 lefties and 3 righties, I don’t have much of a problem with that, especially if one of those lefties (guardado if healthy) is going to be a closer only type role that makes it 3-3 and it makes sense, but this guy’s numbers are all that spectacular so we’ll see.

  12. Brandon

    I just found a VERY interesting stat on Schoeneweis. vs Righties ERA – 10.50
    vs Lefties ERA – 2.79
    If he can be used for apparently lefty/lefty matchups only then it looks like he may be ok, I’ll just hold my breath anytime he faces a righty.

  13. Brandon

    Schoeneweis…ahead in count 0.00 ERA
    behind in count 12.75
    Has anybody ever seen a split THAT drastic for a guy falling behind in the count?

  14. Brandon

    haha…I thought the same thing, but according to the stat he’s been ahead in the count slightly more often, go figure.

  15. Blue

    Thanks for the explanation, Bill.

    Anyone know the bullpen’s pre and post trade numbers?

  16. Steve

    Back to Bill’s original post: Scott Schoeneweis (she-ne-wis, perhaps?) – situational, veteran lefty with playoff experience to replace Kent Mercker – situational lefty with playoff experience. Looks to be that simple, whether it’s a smart move or not.

    And yes, it seems Krivsky does NOT have the ability to say “no”. Again, smart move or not, I’m not bright enough to speculate.

  17. Go Reds

    Hey, I hope somebody reads this that can answer this question…

    I just heard that the Reds are going to bring back Royal blue to the uniforms like they had in the early 1900’s. Any truth to this, and where can I see what it will look like?

  18. Glenn

    You know, when I was sitting at home, thinking about how the Reds could improve the pitching staff, the first name I thought of was “Schoeneweis”. We’ve got to go out and get Schoeneweis. That will fix everything!

  19. hammer1

    Regarding the question about royal blue in the Reds uniforms, here is a link that shows the history of all MLB team uniforms.

    Also here specifically is the Reds uniform with royal blue road uniforms.

    Looks like from 1900- 1903 they had the royal blue road uniforms, also if you click forward you will see some more royal blue from 1909 – 1911 and 1913.

  20. hammer1

    oops sorry, didn’t know my post would screw up the page like that.