Billings 9, Helena 3

21 year-old Anthony Esquer (Reds #24 – 2006) went 4 for 5 with a 2B and an RBI.   Esquer, who everybody knows is a slow starter like Jason LaRue, is hitting .269/.329/.295.

GCL Twins 5, GCL Reds 4 

21 year-old Denis Phipps went 2 for 3 with a HR and 3 RBI.  He is now hitting .280/.325/.395.


Fort Wayne 4, Dayton 3

23 year-old Carlos Fisher (Reds 11th – 2005) went 6 innings giving up 6 H, a BB, and an ER while striking out 3.   Fisher has a 2.84 ERA with 100 Ks, 35 BB, and 124 H in 133 IP.   I am sorry, a 23 year-old at Dayton with a K/IP below 1 is not a prospect. 


Sarasota 11, Daytona 4 Game 1

Sarasota 1, Daytona 0 Game 2

20 year-old Johnny Cueto pitched 6 incredible innings giving up just 2 H, 0 BB, and 0 ER while striking out 5.  Since being promoted to Sarasota he now has a 4.74 ERA with 43 K, 20 BB, and 37 H, in 43.2 Innings.  THIS is what a prospect does!!


Chattanooga and Montgomery PPD

Doubleheader scheduled for today.


Louisville 5, Charlotte 1

26 year-old Michael Gosling (D’Backs #2 – 2001) lowered his ERA to 4.17 by pitching 6/2 innings giving up just 4 H, 0 BB, and 1 ER while striking out 7.  For the season he has 85 K, 49 BB, 99 H, in in 103.2 IP. 

12 Responses

  1. Matt

    A Prospect to me is someone that has a high likelihood of contributing significantly at the Major League level.

  2. Brandon

    just because a guy isn’t a strikeout pitcher doesn’t mean he cant contribute significantly…yes it helps but there are a lot more factors

  3. Matt


    Go back and find major league pitchers that are contibuting significantly that at age 23 were still pitching at LOW A with a K/IP below 1. YOu won’t find many, if any.

    Carlos Fisher will not be anything more than a 5th starter or reliever at the major league level.

    I don’t care the circumstances….23 year olds at LOW A don’t become significant major leaguers.

  4. Matt


    Aaron Harang was at AA when he was 23!! That is TWO FULL levels above LOW A.
    He was 22 at A+ with a .866 K/IP
    He never played Low A
    but at 21 he pitched Rookie ball with a 1.11 K/IP

    again give me an example of a significant major league contributor that had a low K/IP as a 23 year old at LOW A..

    I am telling you if they exist, there aren’t many.

    I have been looking all morning and can’t find one.

    I am not saying that Carlos should be dumped I am just saying the odds of him being a major league contributor are very very slim

  5. Matt

    OK….give me a 5th starter that was 23 at LOW A and had a low k/ip ratio.

  6. Matt

    BTW, it may be tight fisted, but its factual.

  7. Matt


    Find me an example…REGARDLESS of the circumstances of a guy who was 23 at LOW A and had a low k/IP. You can wish it to be different all you want…but that won’t make it happen.

    I am sure Carlos is a great guy, but the odds of him being a major league contributor are very very slim.

    It is not my opinion that not many major leaguer contributors were 23 at LOW A. It is a fact.

  8. Matt


    That also means that fewer and fewer, prospects are actually playing at MWL.

    I have beeen looking all morning, I honestly haven’t found 1 major league pitcher that was 23 at LOW A.

  9. Matt

    Yes there have been many great players at MWL and there are future major league stars in the MWL and possible Dayton right now. But none of them are 23.

  10. Matt

    I did find one.

    Chris Michalak was 23 at LOW A. and his K/IP was nearly .5

  11. Brandon

    i think it’s kind of hard to bring down a guy who, again, has been pitching for just 3 years, regardless of whether he’ll be significant in the majors or not, anybody who goes into pro ball having hardly ever even pitched and eventually makes it to the majors in the pen or the rotation or wherever is pretty impressive