I miss Wily Mo Pena.

That is all.

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  1. Chad

    That doesn’t mean that I wish we didn’t have Bronson Arroyo. I just miss the big guy.

  2. Boston Redleg

    I miss him too. He’s doing quite well up here in new england, and he looks more disiplined at the plate. I’ll be really excited next year if the sox don’t bring back nixon and wily mo finally gets the chance to start full time.

  3. Chad


    But some of the balls Wily Mo hits, no one would get to.

  4. hammer1

    Btw, I was once talking with a tour bus driver who had driven some Reds around as Dayton Dragons. He described Dunn as a ‘mass of man,’ but called Wily Mo the ‘black beauty,’ and said he had beautiful, sleek skin and was a man’s man.

    Ummmmmm…. ok then.

  5. Glenn

    Wily was a good guy. However, I do think he has more of a chance to be successful in the AL.

  6. Brandon

    that tour bus driver seems a little fruity to me

  7. Steve

    Really! First that Darren Dalton article and then that bus driver!? Man, that’s twice I’ve been creeped out today…….

  8. Steve

    Again, you took the words right out of my mouth, Al!

  9. Clint

    I too miss Wily Mo, he was my favorite. However the trade had to be made and we wouldn’t be here w/o Bronson, but I wish Wily Mo success although I do hate the Red Sox.

  10. Ken

    He also dropped a catchable fly ball last night that let in the winning run. In all fairness, the runner would have scored on a sac fly, but you don’t want to give away outs in the 9th in a tie game.

    Pena is a heck of a hitter, but the man is a 24 year-old DH. An OF of Dunn, Griffey and Pena would have to be among the worst in the league defensively.