We have a day off today, before beginning a huge series tomorrow in St. Louis. If you’re like me (and I know I am), you’re anxious to get the games started. It’s a good opportunity for the Reds finally to make a statement and take control of this race in the National League Central.

Use this as an open thread to discuss whatever you want, including how you think this year is going to play out. Who’s going to win the playoff spots? Where will the Reds be in October? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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8 Responses

  1. randy smith

    hey guys what do you think about this.
    the reds pick up preston wilson for off the bench.
    he has a decent stick and could still play some outfield if somebody needs a a day off. sounds good to me. i also heard that b phillips has the arm and range for short. i say move him over and put aurilia at second.
    what do you all think.

  2. Gage

    According to espn.com, Wilson is making $4 million this year. I doubt they would make that move for a bench player.

  3. pete s

    I think the Reds are being wise to keep BP at 2nd for the remainder of the year. The guy is finally having a good year in the majors and the last thing you want to do is mess with his head mid-season by switching him somewhere else. They’ll probably do it in the off season when BP has time to adjust mentally.

  4. Ken

    Wilson strikes out a ton and is a zero defensively, with his age and bad knees. I’d pass.

    Went to the game yesterday and had a blast. We sat close to the line in right and had a great view of Freel’s sliding catch and Dunn’s blast, among other things. Funniest thing that happened was when a few fans around me threw the give-away Pat Burrell caps onto the field when he struck out with RISP. Tough town.

  5. Steve

    As far as Phillips and Aurilia switching, I say absolutely…..IF Phillips is asked first. For all we know, he’s ready to do it right now, but if he’s reluctant at all to make that move this season, then that should be the end of the discussion. This seems like such common sense and a lack of communication! Sure, it’s just my opinion, but it seems to be shared b many fans I know, let alone folks on this board. Why the media hasn’t pestered Narron about this more is interesting to me.

    I really believe the Reds would be much better offensively and defensively with that lineup out there (nearly) every day.

    As it is, I’ll take it like it was yesterday if Richie can show he’s still got enough range at short to play adequately.

    If he can’t, the simple fact is that with our pitching, we NEED a solid glove over there, and that glove should be Castro, NOT Clayton. Castro is still one of the most solid defenders in the darn league, and offensively, he won’t be any worse than Clayton (who I have nothing against at all but who Jerry seems definitely to have something for due to their past). Fine, but loyalty to Royce isn’t gonna win them any more ballgames.

  6. Brandon

    i’d rather face the NL West winner, regardless who it is, regardless of the situation..because this would mean a division win and that would equal more confidence for this ball club, and if they can go into the playoffs as the NL Central champions i don’t see any way they’d have more confidence

  7. Steve

    I’d rather play the NL West division champ, too, regardless of who it is.

    Adding to my earlier post, Jr. is also an issue, but an issue that, again, isn’t going to be resolved this year because, apparently, there’s a LOT going on behind the scenes we don’t know about and aren’t gonna know about either.

    Case in point: Jr. should NOT be in the 3-hole any longer OR playing CF (much as I still love him and believe in him). He needs to be moved down in the batting order, AND Freel should be in CF with Griff in RF. THAT makes sense, at least until Jr. heats up again (and that’s becoming a big if, though I still want desparately to believe in the guy). Either way, they’re a better team with him in the lineup – just not with him hitting 3rd and in CF.

  8. Steve

    You gotta love Jay’s lineup (though, yes, tinkering the batting order might be in order – might not). There isn’t a single easy out there.

    Maybe they do take a hit defensively with Aurilia at SS, but is it enough of a downgrade to justify Clayton? No way. Castro?…..maybe.

    Not being nearly the stat-machine that Chris is, I don’t have a clue of how to weigh the two options pro and con, but I’d be surprised if Aurilia playing every day at SS (should be 2B dammit, with BP at SS! – I’ll say it again and again until proven wrong) is gonna hurt them more than help them. I mean, the guy’s a ballplayer who does everything at least well, if not spectacularly.

    Interesting, though. I’ll admit that at this time last year, I wanted Richie gone b/c of his whining over playing time. I didn’t think the Reds needed a cancerous presence in an expendable veteran. But this year, I’ve totally changed my tune about him b/c I haven’t heard a word of negativity from the guy (the opposite, actually), and frankly, he’s their best utility guy (now that Freel is everyday now, that is). His versatility has given Narron (too?) much flexibility this year.