That is the way to make a statement after last night’s debacle.

5 Responses

  1. Clint

    Baseball can be a crazy game sometimes. Who could of imagined the Reds would respond like that after what happened Monday. 😀

  2. Chad

    If the Reds win tomorrow, I may have to take off work on Thursday and drive four hours to watch the game.

  3. Glenn

    That’s showing some team charachter! There are a lot of teams that would have tanked the rest of the series after the butt whipping they took last night. That showed me something.

  4. Steve

    As BigRedsFanInTN pointed out: Ryan Freel IS a jedi.

    As BostonRedleg pointed out: Ryan Freel IS El Nino.

    Not to be sacreligious here, but with all due respect, the Pete Rose Hustle Award obviously goes to Freel every year for the last few….BUT, even in Pete’s hey-day there’s NO WAY he could’ve made some of the defensive plays Freel’s made in the past (let alone tonight).

    Still, Pete’s instincts WITH the hustle make him an incomparable player. Wow, I miss watching him, but at least Freel tonight evoked some of the old memories……

  5. Steve

    Chris, I gotta go above and beyond and say that THIS one was his greatest game, simply for the fact that this one actually counted for something and just when the Redlegs needed it most.