As usual, Marc Lancaster breaks the story. The Reds have acquired Ryan Franklin and cash from Philadelphia for a player to be named later.

Franklin was DFA’ed July 30, and is a free agent after the season. A flier. Presumably, say goodbye to Majewski (unless you live in L’Ville – you get to say hello).

He’s been pretty useless this season. At least he’s skewing as a groundball pitcher, though he’s somehow given up 10 HR in 53 IP. He’s a solidly flyball pitcher, throughout his career, and his 4.70 career K-rate isn’t much to pin your hopes on.

It’s a low-cost (hopefully) flier. If the Phils are paying the freight, I can’t get too worked up over it. At least it shows that Krivksy’s acknowledged the clear problems with Majewski’s continued presence.

Someday, though, I’d like someone to explain why none of those Chattanooga relievers deserved even a cup of coffee this year. The organization has shown a willingness to sift through every 30-plus scrapheap reliever in the game, yet no inclination to experiment with youngsters. I’m not ready to criticize this tendency, but I’m interested in understanding it.

UPDATE (by Chad): As noted in the comments, here’s today’s other transactions:

–Gary Majewski was placed on the 15-day DL with “inflammation in his ERA”

–Kent Mercker was activated from the DL (glad to have him back; despite his occasional struggles, for some reason I have more faith in Mercker than most of the others out in that pen).

–Jason Standridge was placed on the 15-day DL with back spasms

In addition, Matt Belisle was sent to Louisville to begin a rehab assignment. Brandon Claussen, on the other hand, returned from his rehab assignment but was not reinstated.

I said it the other day, and I agree with what Chris said in the comments below — Brandon Claussen is a dead man walking. They’re going to DFA him, or otherwise find some way to toss him on the trash heap. Hope that’s not the case, and I hope I get to admit that I’m wrong here, but I’m concerned….

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  1. Brandon

    As for Majewski’s comments on the matter…there weren’t any. He bolted from the clubhouse as soon as the media walked in.
    That’s a piece from Lancaster’s article, that doesn’t surprise me at all
    as long as franklin is better than the majic man he’s welcome by me

  2. al

    as far as i can tell, ryan franklin sucks. this front office is starting to look more and more like the bowden era to me: so many moves, so little organization, so little ryhme or reason.

    what was wrong with Esteban Yan? 3.60 ERA, 1.33 WHIP, 96 mph fastball. He wasn’t amazing, but c’mon!? we had room to dfa him, but now we need to trade for ryan franklin?

    There are lots of minor league relievers having good seasons we could have tried. Belisle has been consistantly effective and claims to be raring to get back at it.

    Exactly how many people does Krivsky think fit on the 25man roster?

  3. al

    update from marc’s blog:

    # Ryan Franklin acquired from the Phillies, should be in uniform tonight
    # Kent Mercker activated from the DL
    # Gary Majewski placed on the 15-day DL with “inflammation” in his right shoulder
    # Jason Standridge placed on the 15-day DL with back spasms
    # Matt Belisle sent to Louisville on a rehab assignment
    # Brandon Claussen returned from his rehab assignment but NOT reinstated

  4. Sam

    All good moves today, although I wonder if they go ahead and put Gordita on DL as well and activate Claussen. If we could only get a standard lineup.

  5. al

    majic’s sustained success leads me to believe he’s not ryan wagner. you can’t just write off pitchers for only having two pitches, even with some control issues. Quality of pitches means a lot. rivera’s a one pitch pitcher, and he seems to do pretty well.

    i agree with the assessment that majic had just been over worked and probably tried to do too much when he was traded for relatively big names. I’ll have a lot more faith in him when he’s a pitcher with 65 IP in september than i have in him now when he’s got 65 IP in early august.

  6. Brandon

    off topic: i’m gettin tickets for the wednesday night game harang vs carpenter…thats the one game of the series that the tickets are half price right? because of dave conepcion bobblehead night

  7. Glenn

    It didn’t sound to me like Majewski KNOWS that he has shoulder inflamation. I wonder how K broke the news to him.

  8. al

    at least he’s not walking many people (sob)

  9. Ken

    Franklin has also had a bit of wine with his cheese(steak) in Philly this year, claiming that the front office lied to him about his opportunity to start. Pat Gillick is known as a class act – I have a hard time believing Franklin. Maybe Franklin just isn’t as good without the juice.

    On the bright side, we didn’t give up much and he has had success against the NL Central. Per the Reds email: Over his seven-years, Franklin has a 3.64 ERA against NL Central teams.

  10. Mark T

    “Gary Majewski was placed on the 15-day DL with “inflammation in his ERA””

    Thanks for the laugh.

  11. Pinski

    Yeah inflammation in his ERA. Which he has been taking drugs for ALL SEASON.

    “That’s the first I’ve heard about it,” Krivsky said.

    Uhh, how do you not get a medical done? How do you not know what drugs your players are taking – see Barry Bonds et al. Maybe its an omission by Majewski, but it still seems like a lack of dilligence on the part of the big club.

  12. BigRedsFanInTN

    Okay don’t quite understand Krivsky’s game of musical reliever’s he has been playing as of late. Almost certainly the crew presently in the pen is as solid as it has been all year long. Majewski has to be designated for retirement, i mean assignment. As for Franklin, a risk!, but one that has to taken, I mean after all it’s a financed risk! But why is the front office not willing to give some of our young hopefuls in develpomental minor’s a chance in the Pen… For instance Homer Bailey should at least be in Louisville by now! I know Krivsky’s made a few bad deals (Casey for Williams, Majewski-Kearns,Estaban Yan, etc) but at least he’s active, and I can honestly say if these new prospects are managed well we will go to the playoffs!

  13. Dan Dumoulin

    I am certainly not giving up on the season… but the fact remains that the Reds should have some money to spend this winter… although tied to Cormier, the other pickups are either cheap (Majewski, Bray) or not guranteed any money for next year (Franklin, Clayton, Lohse)… so, would some of you who follow this a lot more closely mention the names of some starters that will be FA’s this winter (and maybe a right handed power bat)? Perhaps it is a little early to start the “Hot Stove League”, but it would still be nice to start dreaming a little.

  14. Dan Dumoulin

    Saves Leaders: Former Reds… just can’t help but notice that the Saves Leaders in each league are both former Reds… throw in BJ Ryan on top of it and you can’t help but picture that bullpen that “could have been”