I noticed this the other day, but forgot to mention it. Good news for Reds fans:

Beginning next season, fans should notice the Reds’ much larger presence on local television.

The club and Fox Sports Ohio extended their rights agreement, it was announced Friday. Although financial terms and length weren’t revealed, there will be 145 Reds games carried on FSN Ohio in 2007.

“The additional telecasts will allow Reds fans more opportunities to see their team in action,” Reds chief operating officer John Allen said in a statement. “Through the auxiliary programming, fans can get to know the team up close and personal and receive timely information about what is going on in the organization at all levels.”

Currently, the Reds and FSN were contracted for 100 games per season. With a new ownership regime and the club contending for the first time in years, an additional 14 games will be carried in 2006 to meet fan demand.

We get more Chris Welsh out of this deal, and that’s a very good thing.

Don’t you feel like the Reds under Bob Castellini are starting to act like a major league franchise again?

2 Responses

  1. Nick

    As long as they don’t put Tom Hume back in the broadcast booth. My friend and I used to always make fun of his insights before the games.

    Maybe we exaggerated, but it seemed like he would say something like this – “Now, if the Reds can pitch a perfect game and somehow manage to hit a grand slam, I think they’ll put one in the W column tonight.”

  2. Nick

    I had to look it up to be sure, but it was 1990.

    Maybe they should put him back in the booth after all. Could he have provided the magic that year? A one year stint on tv and the Reds win it all. No titles since then. Coincidence? Hmmmm…..