This isn’t Reds-related, but I think it’s comical as can be.

Former Cards/Royals manager Whitey Herzog, 75, is positioning himself to take Dusty Baker’s job. He hasn’t managed since 1990, which means he’s missed two rounds of expansion, “the Steroid Era,” the end of the stolen base and bunt as viable offensive weapons, the cement-ification of the closer-centric bullpen, three divisions, the wild card, and interleague play. Only three of the stadiums he managed in during his last NL season are still hosting major league baseball (Wrigley, Shea, and Dodger, which has been modified).

I’ve got no clue how much of this “story” is Herzog, how much is’s Jon Heyman, and how much is reality.

I also like this quote, which I’ll have to remember the next time someone says that we “have to” trust every decision made by a “baseball man,” since all we can do is watch the games and look at the statistics.

From watching four or five games a day on TV, he surely knows he could still manage a game as well as anyone, and he wonders whether any teams will call.

Herzog might be just the thing to top off a 2007 Cubs season that will already feature a middle-infield hydra of Izturis, Perez, and Cedeno (none with a career OBP over .300), but perhaps not free-agent-to-be Aramis Ramirez.

Of course, keeping Dusty would be entertaining, too.

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  1. Narron Basher

    It doesn’t matter if Sparky Anderson, and Sweet Lou Pineilla co-managed the team…they would become Cubbies to do it, therefore they would suck. The Cubs suck, they will always suck.
    But how funny is it that there are Cubs fans somewhere thinking, ‘Yes, Whitey Herzog, that would be awesome.”
    Just remind yourself anytime the reds lose, at least your not an all-time loser Cub fan!!!