For Washington: (Numbers are all post All Star break)

Lopez: .254/.353/.356

Kearns: .278/.412/.426

For the Reds:

Clayton .261/.333/.304

Majewski 8g 11.37 ERA .469 BAA 2.53 WHIP 23 IR 8 IS (35%)

Bray 9g 2.57 ERA .276 BAA 1.57 WHIP 14 IR 5 IS (35%)

Also, since ERA for relievers is usually discounted (unless you’re trading for a 38 year old LHP with an ERA under 2), I looked at Cormier’s IR/IS.

In 2006:

Cormier 34 IR 13 IS (38%)

Just for comparison:

Coffey 17 IR 4 IS (24%)

Weathers 9 IR 5 IS (56%)

Shackelford 15 IR 2 IS (13%)

Draw your own conclusions on these deals.

3 Responses

  1. Blue

    What is IR/IS? Innings relieved/innings started?

  2. al

    marc just posted what we all expected i think:

    “Well, it’s official. Kyle Lohse will get the ball Saturday afternoon against the Braves. There’s nothing wrong with Brandon Claussen physically, it’s strictly a “baseball decision,” according to Narron.

    Claussen’s rehab clock runs out next week, and he says he feels fine, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with him. He said no one has approached him about the possibility of sliding into a long-relief role.”

    i guess we’ll see how the trade starts to look after that start.