Kyle Lohse.

Make of that what you will. I guess Lohse’s stellar relief outing last night convinced Narron that was was ready to join the rotation. Or maybe Tom Hume has already fixed whatever was wrong with Lohse in Minnesota.

Of course, given the way Brandon Claussen has been pitching during his rehab stint, I’m not sure Lohse could be much worse. My fingers are crossed.

What do you think?

(P.S…I’ll tell you what I think. Brandon Claussen will be designated for assignment any day now.)

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  1. al

    i take it claussen doesn’t have options left?

    i think they keep claussen before they keep standridge, but that leaves belisle off whose been one of their most reliable pitchers this year and seems to have promise.

    Do they keep Claussen over weathers?

    i’d be really surprised if they just cut him, someone will definitely claim him off waivers. He’s young, he led AAA in k’s his last year there, and put up a real solid last two months of the season last year.

    so if they dfa him, they’re just giving him away.

  2. al

    while i agree with you overall chris (williams and hancock come to mind) i do think that lohse is better than claussen, or at least has a higher ceiling.

    I forgot about rosters expanding though. There’s no way they just let him go if all that have to do is stall for three weeks. They’ll either find a way to stop his rehab clock, or they’ll keep belisle on the DL until sept.

    Standridge goes when claussen comes up, and then comes back in sept. as well.

  3. Clint

    Kinda hard to get excited one way or the other. Claussen has been bad all year and was terrible in his rehab start. Lohse has struggled as a starter the last two years and wasnt too impressive in his bullpen appearance last night. I agree with the move though. We know what Claussen gives us (nothing), lets see if Lohse can give us anything as a starter. Personally I think Germano was a better option then either of them.

  4. Cary

    Hey with 83 guys in the bullpen, that might get us through a 7th inning 😛 I do agree that Lohse seems to have a better stuff than Claussen if you want to compare the two, but neither do much than hold a position for something better to come along. But then, I’m more worried about now having only one reliable starter in the rotation than I am about who gets plugged in the 5th spot.

  5. Dan Dumoulin

    An interesting point for all of those that are so enamored with talent in the minor-leagues… at one time, Brandon Claussen was THE “jewel” in the Yankee farm system… could be having this same conversation about Bailey, etal in a few years.

  6. al

    except that real analysts understand that some farm systems are weaker than others and have developed things like John Sickles prospect grades. If you look at some teams prospects the best will be an A or A-, others a C+.

    Claussen was the yankees best pitching prospect at the time, but was never on anyone’s short list of best pitching prospects in the game, which Homer Bailey is/has been/will continue to be.

  7. The Mad Hatter

    I really believe Claussen was pitching through an injury, soreness whatever for the last few months. And probably will take some time to discover his release point again. If the Reds cut bait on him that will be the low point of this new regime. But then again I think Jamie Moyer might be available. That would make sense with building for the future through really old veterans that the plan seems to be now.

  8. Brandon

    building for the future through old veterans? thats where people are mistaken, the reds are trying to win THIS YEAR which is why the veterans are coming in, and am i the only one who notices how much younger the pen is now? some people talk about how much older they’re getting and they’re not

  9. Dan Dumoulin

    I am just happy that the current Reds regime does not continue to sit on its “prospects” and talk about the wonderful days ahead. No matter who the so-called “analyst” is, their best guess isn’t right nearly as often as it is wrong. AA players might not be able to catch up to a mid-90’s fastball with a little bite.. so what?? Right now, Bailey might be a good closer in the big leagues.. but he still needs something to get him through a batting order 3-5 times a game.

  10. al

    thanks mister scout, how many times have you seen bailey pitch to come up with that insight? best curve in the organization, best fastball in the organization, plus change. sounds like closer material to me too!

  11. Dan Dumoulin

    I last saw him three weeks ago in Chattanooga. He looks great. Just go back through the last five years worth a “A” grades from guys like Sickles and see where they are now. The absolute best thing about Bailey, at this point in his career, is that he has a simple, fluid motion.. no violence at all (see Scott Williamson for the opposite extreme)…the likelihood of stress on the elbow when he throws his curve should be and has been minimized with his grip, as well. According to our chart, if you care, he threw 11 breaking balls in six innings. Three were strikes, 6 were balls, 1 was a questionable pitch that was fouled off, and one was a clean single to center by a left handed batter. And thanks for the “scout” tag.

  12. al

    dan, that’s actualy a pretty good report. do you ever scout for anyone?

  13. Dan Dumoulin

    I have never been a formal scout..I played a little ball earlier in life and have an acquaintenance that does some freelancing for a couple of organizations… He was actually interested in David Shafer and Anderson Machado on the day I mentioned.. I guess you could call him essentially an “indpependent contractor”.. an organization can’t/won’t send one of their own people to see a kid for one rason or another, so they will “contract” with a freelancer to file a report and/or chart. He usually has no idea why they want info on a specific player, but there have been many times that a trade or promotion/demotion happens relatively soon after he files a report. I am quite sure that it is just one small piece of information that an organization uses, but it gets us into some minor league games free and makes it a little more fun to see how close his assessment ends up being. I guess maybe this is why I tend to be a bit more skeptical about overvaluing minor league players vs. major league players. As we all know, so many “can’t miss” prospects either never get to the Bigs, or never approach what was assumed to be guaranteed success.