From McCoy’s game story:

Clayton was a bit defensive, especially after he was booed heavily by the smallish crowd of 25,127.

“I was far away from the bag, behind the bag, and I had to get to the bag (for the force), then throw a perfect throw,” he said. “I’m not perfect.”

This is just preposterous (except for the “not perfect” part). One, Clayton was exactly three steps from the bag once he picked up that ball. I just went and re-watched it on Tivo to make sure. If he hadn’t paused for 5 minutes to stare at Phillips, he’d have had the time to make a crappy throw and let Hatteberg come down with it. Second, it was Russ Martin, the catcher, running to first – and Martin almost fell down coming out of the batter’s box. Clayton most certainly did not need to make a “perfect” throw.

Anyone who watched this game knows that Clayton’s excuses are as silly and pathetic as his performance has been lately (0 for 4, with 4 groundouts to short, tonight, including a game-ending GIDP, not to mention the bubble-blowing incident from Sunday).

When the trade went down, we all read this:

Reds manager Jerry Narron was particularly excited about picking up Clayton, a solid defensive shortstop and noted clubhouse leader whom Narron worked with in Texas.

“He’s a veteran guy [who] knows how to play the game correctly,” Narron said of Clayton. “One thing we’ve got to do to win here is to make the routine play [and] play solid defense consistently, and Royce has proven that he can do that.”

I think I’ll take Jerry Narron’s next scouting report with a grain of salt.

Note: Fay’s game story only mentions the ump’s bad call, not Clayton’s goof, the booing, or the snarly excuse. AP (via has a version of the quote. The official site has a third version of the quote, and their headline writer doesn’t like Freel. On Dodgers official site, Grady Little gives Furcal (the baserunner forced at second) credit for everything.

8 Responses

  1. Blue

    Excellent entry, Chris.

    I think Clayton will soon go the way of Tony Womack. Its bad enough when a player contributes nothing on offense, but for them to not even be an average defensive player is umm… indefensible. Worse yet, it is HE that is taking the place of Edwin Encarnacion in the lineup, if you believe that Aurilia should be the shortstop.

    UGH! The worst player on our team (bench and all) is our starting shortstop!!!

  2. Mark T

    Bring on Juan – I’ll take his gliding efficiency and weak bat any day over Clayton.

  3. bobbyo

    i say boo both of them until edwin plays everyday

  4. Sam

    Castro will probably get the start tonight as he is 3 for 6 against Penny. Aurilia should be on the bench as he is 1 for 10 against Penny. EE will probably get the start, if only for one night.

  5. Sam

    Correction, Aurilia is 1 for 8 against Penny. It is Clayton that is 1 for 10 against Penny.

  6. Abner

    So aurillia and Clayton or in the starting lineup then. I think Jerry will go with his heart on this one. They’ll come around and start hitting this guy.

    :: note sarcasm ::

  7. Kris Hendrix

    Jerry Narron should be fired! How in the world he can keep sending Majewski out there is beyond me. If Narron is not managing this club, we have 10-15 more wins easily! He needs to stop managing with his heart and start using his mind. Come to think of it, that might not be an upgrade.