From Hal McCoy’s column:

Lohse, a starter for five years with the Twins, has been working out of Minnesota’s bullpen and not liking it. While he was told his role in Cincinnati, for now, is the bullpen, he realizes the Reds need rotation help.

“The last couple of months, I just wanted to help the Twins out in the best way I could and I thought that they would be better served with me in the rotation, but the powers that be thought otherwise,” said Lohse.

He began the season in the rotation but was dropped to the bullpen, which he said, “Was caused by a slow start.”

“I’m looking forward to a new environment, and while they’ve indicated to me I’ll stay in the same role (relief), I’d like to start,” he said. “I know they have some good guys in there now, but I want the opportunity to get back in the rotation.”

This guy was a head case in Minnesota when he didn’t get what he wanted, hammering at the manager’s door with a bat and telling off teammates in the dugout.

I’m actually leaning towards being in favor of the trade that acquired Lohse, but why am I worried that he’s going to blow up in our face?

At least Everyday Eddie isn’t worried:

Eddie Guardado was a teammate of Kyle Lohse’s in Minnesota. Despite concerns about Lohse’s mental toughness, Guardado said the 27-year old right-hander will be fine.

“I know he’s been bumping heads with (Twins manager Ron Gardenhire),” Guardado said. “When things aren’t going your way and you’re bumping heads with certain people, especially the manager, it’s difficult to pitch. You feel like the world’s against you. I’ve been there.”

Lohse was 2-5 with a 7.07 ERA for the Twins. He lost his starting role earlier this season. Guardado said he spoke with Lohse following the trade and was encouraged by the discussion.

“I think he’s got great stuff,” said Guardado. “He’s a pitcher who’s going to be around for awhile. He ran into little bumps in the road this year.”

And yes, we’re turning into the Twins. Fortunately, Lohse doesn’t mention the recently departed Joe Mays during his conversation with McCoy:

Lohse and Krivsky did battle at the arbitration table twice in Minnesota, with some animosity. Lohse won both times.

“None of that stuff bothers me,” he said. “I’m just happy to join a team that has some former Twins teammates like Eric Milton, Eddie Guardado and Juan Castro, and a team that is in the race.”

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  1. Jimmy James

    The line about the EE bobblehead is the funniest thing I’ve ever read in my life. Kudos, sir! And kudos again!

  2. Chad

    Marty? Hey, Marty? Do you like Scott Hatteberg?