It’s not a surprise, but I’m a little disappointed that Brian Shackleford was sent to AAA to make way for the newest Reds. I had hoped to see David Weathers designated for assignment, but I know that’s just wishful thinking.

In other bad news, Dewayne Wise cleared waivers (surprise!) and he’s going back to Louisville. Wish they had just cut him loose. If Wise were just AAA roster-filler, I wouldn’t mind as much, but I’m afraid that GM Wayne Krivsky is going to be tempted to bring him back to the big league club at some point in the future.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Wise made me miss Quinton McCracken.

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  1. al

    as much as i don’t want to, i have to agree that of late weathers has earned his spot. he seems really comfortable pitching in the middle innings, so for now you have to leave him there i think.

    The problem is that we lack a real lefty specialist, if you think that’s important, because cormier isn’t particularly great at getting them out.

    it probably should have been standridge to go, but then it would have to be shack whenever belisle gets back.

    what’s going to happen when claussen get’s back, that’s the question. my guess as of right now is that they pull the plug on his rehab and start it up again when they can bring him up in sept.

  2. Narron basher

    I can’t believe anyone on this site just asked why we would want David frickin’ Weathers released….
    Let me make it real plain and simple..
    If not for his blown saves, inabiltiy to hold leaves when he wasn’t closing, and of course Narron’s retardation that causes him to pitch Weathers, we would be leading the division. Weathers sucks, I don’t give a crap if he started yesterday against the BoSox and through a perfect game striking out Big Papi every time he was up…he still sucks, he will always suck, and that’s why we want him gone. Can I get a witness?

  3. Narron basher

    Apparently I have an inability to spell, sorry, he could not hold leads, not leaves, he may actually be able to do that, but I’m not convinced.

  4. Narron basher

    See second half of argument 1 for my answer to your reply….he sucks, Narron sucks, free Edwin!

  5. Dan Dumoulin

    Most people on this site only like statistics when they support their negative, whining positions… thanks for using them anyway…I appreciate seeing that Weathers has indeed been effective recently and agree that he should remain on the staff.

  6. Dan Dumoulin

    Should have addressed my last post to RedsFan…sorry… NB, feel free resume being angry about everything.

  7. Brandon

    okay..did narron basher just say even if weathers through a perfect game against the bosox he would still suck? that’s so far beyond bias toward a particular player i dont even know what to call it