JinAZ has this great look at the recent trades. He makes some compelling points.

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  1. al

    Cormeir is giving up a .740 OPS to lefties, and something in the .5s against righties, so i think it’s a mistake to think of him as a lefty specialist.

  2. pete


    Cormier is “getting the job done” by being relly lucky – look at his BABIP, k/9, and k/bb numbers. I would hate to see it, but I see Majewski, part 2 coming.

  3. Narron basher

    Pete: I see BP, David Ross, Bronson Arroyo part II coming.
    Krivsky has made good moves, give him the benefit of the doubt!!!
    I like the trades!!!

  4. Brandon

    you have to say cormier will be an improvement over shack..don’t get me wrong i like shack a lot and he can get any lefty out almost automatically, but cormier gives the reds the same kind of threat against lefties, but he can get righties out too, righties are hitting over .400 off shack. and as for mercker….how can anyone in their right mind rag on mercker?…have u seen his era over the last month or 2..i’m not sure what it is exactly but i remember seeing on FSN that it was below 1.50 hammond was awful and weathers makes me nervous, but i can’t find fault with mercker

  5. pete

    Narron basher:

    I see your Phillips, Arroyo, and Ross and raise you Mays, Womack, Castro, Clayton, and McCracken. I’m not sold on Krivsky’s “genius” yet.

  6. Ken

    Cormier also keeps the ball in the park. And he’s done it pitching in a bandbox not unlike GABP.

  7. Dan Dumoulin

    Come on… so Krivsky didn’t hit homeruns on a free shot at a fifth starter, the 4th/5th outfielder, and a shortstop tandem to fill a gap due to a trade (although Castro has delivered exactly what he was brought here to do). To compare these to what has happened with Ross, Phillips and Arroyo is inconceivable. He needed a top of the rotation guy, he got one (at least up to this point).. he took a shot at a former #1 DP, plugged him into second base, and it worked.. he picked up another catcher, then had him produce when the albatross he was stuck with couldn’t get above the Mendoza-Line (and how many games has Valentin won or had a major impact on because he was available to come off the bench as a left handed PH?)… I will take what those three have produced, minus what the others didn’t, anytime… you definately lose that hand.

  8. pete


    How about the fact that there are still 3 catchers on the roster, 2 of whom can’t hit?

    How about the fact that there are now only 4 OF on the roster, one of whom has a .200 SLG since “the trade”?

    And he doesn’t get to be “smart” for picking up Ross (career .694 OPS before this year) and Phillips (career .556 OPS before this year), yet take no heat for other players he didn’t get lucky with.

    He has thrown crap at the wall all year long, seeing what would stick – much like Bowden used to do. And like Bowden, some has and some hasn’t.

    And as long as he allows Narron to manage the team the way he is, it won’t matter anyway.

  9. Dan Dumoulin

    Krivsky has litle or no say in how Narron “manages the team”… thats not his job.

  10. al

    i think that’s taking it a little too far pete. he didn’t sign larue and valentin, he got someone who could out perform them, which seems reasonable. Since we lead the league in pinch hitting, i’m not going to complain that Larue and Valentin haven’t done as well as someone in the minors could have off the bench, so the catcher thing seems like a moot point. we have one that hits, and last i checked that’s all you needed at one time.

    Deno’s slumped a little, but i expected it with the pressure that got put on him so unexpectedly, he’ll come around. And again, just how many out fielders do you think play the game at one time? We start 3, we have one off the bench. Are you that worried that two of them are going to go down in one game? If so, remember that Larue has played in the OF from time to time, so there you go, the catcher problem solves the OF problem.

    i agree with Dan, kriv’s not perfect, but his moves pay off more than they don’t, hence us haviing the 4th best record in the league when we were picked to have the 6th best record in the division.

  11. Narron basher

    I see your list of crap players, and raise you this…
    right now we’re in contention!!!
    Nuff said…except this…
    Narron sucks, free Edwin!

  12. Narron basher

    Hey, anyone who’s watchin’ the game….
    and you like Clayton…..
    no dreadlocks…same suck face loser!!!
    “defensive upgrade” my rear end, he is horrible!

  13. Chad

    Hope you’ll comment more often, preach. You make a lot of sense. 🙂