Marc Lancaster reports that Justin Germano has already been sent back to AAA after a decent outing tonight. That was unexpected.

Lancaster speculates that a trade is in the works, and I have to admit, that’s at the top of the list of logical explanations. Barry Zito, perhaps? (File that under the “Wishful Thinking” category.)

Any thoughts?

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  1. Chris T.

    I’d love to find a way for Bill Hall to be unable to beat us. The only solution is if we traded them a big name like Dunn or Harang!!!

    Anyway, I was going to predict the Reds and Krivisky will go for Lidle or Leiber. Zito’s price is probably too high for us but either Philly guy would work for me (Lieber would cost more, both talent wise giving up in the deal and salary wise…). I guess we’ve got about 24 hours to find out. I just hope they don’t waste thier time with Conine! Aurilia is a mush better player in the same type roll, he just hasn’t played RF/LF before.

  2. Blue

    My first thought was “we’re trading for a pitcher” but that’s not necessarily true. We don’t need a 5th starter until Saturday, so we could add a bat, then make another roster move later.

  3. Chad

    Re: Cory Lidle — No thanks. Been there, done that.

  4. Chad

    Why in the world would Krivsky consider obtaining Jeff Conine? What does he bring to the team?

    That seems like making a trade just for the sake of making a trade.

  5. Brian

    Brandon Watson has been called up. The former Nat has been in Louisville for a few weeks, hitting .220 in 15 games. For what it’s worth, on MLB The Show 2006 for PS2, Watson is super fast.

  6. Brandon

    i’ve risked making mlb 06: the show references too, but then again i’m hitting about .430 with felipe and .420 with griffey, so it’s not terribly accurate for me