Elizardo Ramirez tonight became the first Reds pitcher to strike out seven consecutive batters since John Smiley did it Aug. 27, 1996 at Colorado.

Nice outing by Elizardo on Thursday.

3 Responses

  1. Mark T

    Are three pitchers enough? I hope so. EZ was serving them up at the beginning, and got away with a few, had a few luck atems. Then he settled in, and was excellent. If he keeps it up, we might be able to hang on to the wild card. But we’ve got to get good work from Arroyo and Harnang, and struggle through the 4th and 5th spots. Tonight, with Milton up, we struggle.

  2. al

    milton had a good start last time out, and i think one of the younger guys we slot into the rotation could surprise people. Belisle especially, if he ever gets another shot.

  3. Tom

    I like the way Elizardo approaches the game. He goes right at it – doesn’t waste time. Valentin catching helps the communication. At 23 the Reds need to be patient, but he has the makings of a very solid pitcher.