So, who’s going to start in place of Joe Mays on Saturday? Jerry Narron knows, but isn’t saying:

Mays was scheduled to start on Saturday, which has left the Reds with a hole to fill. The club is currently listing the slot as “to be announced.”

“We have a pretty good idea of who’s pitching,” Narron said. “Check out our Minor League rotations. See who is pitching and who isn’t.”

My best guess is that means it will be Justin Germano. We’ll know soon, I suppose.

3 Responses

  1. Chris T.

    Looks like you are correct. I like the call. Germano’s been up this year already and he’s got arguably the best numbers as far as pitching goes on the Louisville Roster.

  2. bobbyo

    plus… you get two first round picks for compensation when he doesn’t sign with us next year

  3. philip

    I wjust wonder if we are still going after any pitching at all. There is nothing about the Reds in any of the rumor mills….oh except I read we might want Jeff Conine. WHY? That would be so stupid…but we do allow Narron to manage.