Welcome to the second installment of Redleg Nation Radio.

…subtitled “The Funniest Thing You’ll Hear All Week.”

Daedalus teased us here, but you have to listen to the audio of Marty Brennaman’s rain-delay Banana Phone conversation with “Adam from Milwaukee.”

It’s actually Adam Dunn in the clubhouse, using a hilarious voice to call in. It’s absolutely brilliant comedy. Dunn is awesome.

Here it is, the second episode of Redleg Nation Radio: “Adam From Milwaukee.” (Right-click to download it.)

UPDATE: Big thanks to one of our favorite commenters, Devil’s Advocate, for capturing the audio of this gem for us.

5 Responses

  1. Blue

    sweet! I’ve been wanting to hear that. Dunner is the best.

  2. Chad

    D’oh! Yes, big thanks to Devil’s Advocate!

  3. Jon

    I’ve seen this now on several sites and everybody seems sure it is Dunner…what’s the confirmation that it is in fact big #44?

  4. Steve

    That clip is hilarious. I thought Dunn was going to bust out laughing when he asked Marty about his shirt. Great clip…..