Lancaster thinks Mays is gone.

Joe Mays remains listed as the Reds’ probable starter for Saturday’s game at Milwaukee, but it doesn’t appear he will get the ball that evening.

In fact, there’s a possibility the Reds will cut ties with Mays today, when they’ll need a roster spot to activate catcher David Ross from the 15-day disabled list.

It’s not really clear if this is Marc’s speculation, if it’s coming from the front office, or something in between.  The item in the daily notes doesn’t really attribute the information.  In any event, I hope it’s true.

6 Responses

  1. Philip

    Oh dear Lord,
    please let the Reds cut Joe Mays today.
    You created him, you know he can’t pitch worth a crap. Please, as you know we have not seen the playoffs in quite sometime, and we would greatly appreciate this blessing. Amen

  2. Blue

    well, this would lead to a couple days of pure speculation as to who will take that start…

    Homer Bailey

  3. Brandon

    no way homer would come up and take that start, krivsky won’t do no matter how hard anybody begs. claussen isn’t ready to come back yet, so i’m believing that article that talks about germano coming up, why not? i wish belisle wasn’t hurt they could tell him an hour before saturday’s game that he was starting, he seems to like pitching that was from what he’s done before.

  4. Mark T

    Wouldn’t do much good for the young Homer to come up and get shelled at this point in his career. I hear there’s no movement on his fast ball.

  5. Abner

    I’d prefer King not be on our team. We’ve beat up on him before. Seems like a retread at the end of his career a la the pre All Star Break Reds of 2006. Where’d you get that from, Jim?

  6. greg

    I would love to see a comparison of the number of guys DFA’d last year versus this one.

    The message: get the job done or you’re gone.