I had the opportunity to attend this weekend’s games against the Brewers and had a blast. Well, all except for Friday night’s game!

Just to note, it takes me 4 hours to get to Cincinnati and my wife just got off of her night shift at the hospital around 7 in the morning. So it was already going to be a long day for her, as well as my 2 year old son. When we arrived in Cincinnati around 5, the weather was already looking rather ugly. It got a lot uglier! We sat in the parking lot until 8:00 before even heading to the stadium. Once the game started at 10:05, my wife, son, and myself were already pretty drained. We were wet, soggied, and my son had managed to spill our $3.75 soda while waiting out the delay. Needless to say, my patience was fried. So when the Reds were retired in order after 6 innings, I decided it was time to head to the car.

I have a policy that I never leave games early. I’ve seen the Reds come from behind far too many times and know anything can happen. But we were tired, my son had been asleep for an inning, and the thought of holding him for another 3 innings just wasn’t that appealing. The score was 5-1 when we left and the Reds had a whopping 3 hits. We all know the end result by now! I was sick to my stomach when I saw the score Saturday morning.

Saturday was a lot more pleasant. Chad and his crew met up with us and we had great seats in the RF corner on the foul side. The weather was the best I think I have ever had. Slightly overcast, a little breeze, not too hot, nor cold. Ryan Freel had a huge game, the Reds won, and we were able to heckle Derrick Turnbow the whole game! It somewhat made up for the previous night. And also, Chad’s brother got the ball on the groundrule double late in the game. Perhaps he can clarify who hit it as I have forgotten.

On Sunday we managed to complete the weather trend. It felt like 95 degrees sitting in the sun out in the same seats. Very little shade and a minimal breeze made it a little uncomfortable, especially with a 2 year old like Chad and then my son! 🙂 The Reds lost, which made the trip home a little less enjoyable, but we did get to look at Turnbow which is always a plus! OK, just kidding. Is there anyone more ugly in baseball than Turnbow!?

I’ll have photos from the weekend up soon!

4 Responses

  1. IrishJoe

    I think that was our man Edwin who hit the ground rule double. I was there for the Saturday game as well, had a great time.

  2. Chad

    Great review of the weekend, Chris, though I’m not sure I like being called a two year old. :mrgreen:

    As IrishJoe already mentioned, that was Edwin Encarnacion who hit the double. If anyone has the game on tape or Tivo, that was my brother who got the ball, and I think you can see me and Chris, as well.

    Saturday’s game was great; perfect weather, fun game.

    I think we need to plan a Redleg Nation outing next year.

  3. Chad

    And I can’t wait to see those pictures of Derrick Turnbow!

    One of the highlights of the weekend was listening to everyone heckle Turnbow in the bullpen. He was really getting it good out there.

  4. Mark T

    Phil Garner on the trade:

    “I thought they improved their pitching staff,” Garner said of his early-season observations. “Bronson Arroyo’s made a big difference on their club. I think now, picking up the kid from Washington is going to help their bullpen. They’re going to be a tough ballclub.

    “They went from high-risk, high-reward — a lot of strikeouts and home runs — to where they put the ball in play a little better. They’re just a better ballclub.”

    By “the kid from Washington”, I assume he means Bray. He is a kid, a rookie, and seems to be the center of the trade.