The early returns on the 2006 draft look promising, at least at Billings.

The Mustangs have 5 of the top 15 offensive players (OPS) in the league.

Chris Heisey – OF .992 (3rd in league)

Billy Rojo – IF .892 (7th)

Chris Valaika – 2B .880 (9th)

Jason Louwsma – 3B .846 (13th)

Logan Parker – 1B .835 (14th)

I have to wonder how long before we start to see a player or two moved up to Dayton? The Reds have seemed much more apt to move pitchers this season than position players, at least at these lower levels of the system.

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  1. endymion

    I’d like to see Joey Votto get the call up in September so he can see some big league ABs and we can get a gauge on whether he’ll be competing for the 1B job next Spring.

    I am also very curious as to the club’s plans for Jay Bruce next season. It’s a given he will be skipping high A, but where will he land next year to start; AA or AAA? You have to think the Reds’s willingness to part with Kearns has something to do with their views on this super prospect’s development. I am betting he stays with the Reds almost all the way through Spring Training ’07 and is a possible late ’07 call up, especially if Denorfia flops. I have seen this kid appear on too many top prospect lists with the word ‘special’ attached to him to think the Reds won’t be targetting him to move fast.