From the Enquirer:

Pitcher Paul Wilson’s rehabilitation assignment is on hold again.

The right-hander, who is trying to come back from shoulder surgery that ended his 2005 season, returned to the Reds on Friday so he can work on developing consistent arm strength.

Wilson started for Triple-A Louisville on Thursday and allowed four earned runs on nine hits, three of which were home runs, over five innings. His velocity ranged from 81 mph to 85 mph, according to the Courier-Journal.


He left some balls up, but some of his pitches down around the knees also got hit pretty hard,” Louisville pitching coach Ted Power told the Courier-Journal on Thursday. “He didn’t have the necessary movement so that they don’t hit them square. His breaking stuff didn’t have that real hard bite that makes guys freeze.”

It seems that any hope of Paul Wilson being any help in a pennant drive is quickly fading, if ever it were there. I haven’t read anything about Grant Balfour since his rehab work last week, either.

4 Responses

  1. Tyler

    Wilson Tore his Labrum. No one comes back from that. His career is over.

  2. Philip

    I think I’d rather have Wilson right now pitching for us instead of Mays. I also would like to see Farnsworth punch him again!

  3. Glenn

    Please no Rick Wilson talk. I just ate.

  4. redfan1220

    I think they should bring up germano because he cant do any worse than Mays