Our man started yesterday, and went 2 for 2, with a double and a walk. So what does our brilliant manager, Jerry Narron, do? He removes Encarnacion from the game!

Let the guy play, Narron!!! What is wrong with the manager of this team? Why can’t he just let this talented youngster play? Does Narron really think that Encarnacion should be the backup 3B on this team?

Thanks to frequent commenter Boston Redleg for the following picture of poor Edwin. He just wants to get on the field:

Free Edwin Encarnacion!

3 Responses

  1. Blue

    Bradford holds RHH to a .600 OPS. It was the right move.

  2. Blue

    righthanded hitters

    BTW, Edwin is starting again tonight, with the mad hatter on the bench and Aurilia playing 1B. According to Lancaster, anyway.

  3. Brandon

    why would anyone complain about scott hatteberg pinch hitting for anybody? much less a 23 year old player who is in his first year in the majors. yes he’s a true talent and a fine hitter but bradford seriously does have that stupid submarine delivery that absolutely kills righties. if you’re seriously gonna get upset over a substitution for a righty/lefty matchup with a hitter who strikes out once every 17 at bats then there’s not really much going wrong in redland now is there?